Thursday, March 10, 2016

ReRunners Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

What is XP and what does it do?
XP is gaming talk for Experience Points. These points make your Runner fitter, stronger, and increasingly more handsome - giving them a greater advantage over the competition, which is definitely needed the further you progress in the game.

What's the point of the Stars?
Stars give your Runner access to other lands, far and wide. The more your Runner collects, the further they can explore.

What are Gems?
Basically, Gems can be used to buy Coins. You can either earn Gems by collecting Medals, or by speeding up the process and purchasing Gems with that funny Human money.

Can I get free Gems?
Sure you can! There are a bunch of vision boxes spread out across the world that offer you five free Gems for your Runner in exchange for a few seconds of your viewing attention. A small price to pay for five of those precious rocks!

What are Hearts and
how do I regain them? Hearts represent your Runner’s health. The more you die, the more Hearts you loose. You can collect more Hearts by waiting for your Heart Replenishment Meter to fill up, but you can speed up this process by eating Fruit found all across the Overworld.

What are Medals and
how do I collect them?
Medals are awards you receive for your Runner's hard work, such as collecting Stars. Claim Medals to earn Gems and XP for your Runner, which you can then spend on fancy things in-game. Medals come in bronze, silver, and gold.

What does the Fruit
Apart from being delicious, Fruit gives your Runner XP each time they take a bite, as well as speeding up your Runner's Heart Replenishment Meter. So, the more they eat, the healthier they get - remember to eat more than five-a-day!

What do the Blue Coins do?
As soon as you collect a Blue Coin, you'll have the option to collect a bunch more. But be quick, as they’ll be gone before you know it. Catch them all before they vanish and your Runner will receive more XP!

How do I fast travel?
They say travel broadens the mind and fora small fee of Coins, you can do so via the World Map. Choose where you want your Runner to go and tap it!

What's the Journal?
It's your Runner's diary/logbook/scrapbook — it displays all the news and gaming activity among your friends, but without those annoying selfies.

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