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Legacy Quest Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Hero System

Heroes are playable characters with 3 different classes: Warrior, Rogue, and Mage.

Each Hero specializes in a certain attribute and has weapon damage bonus optimized for specific attributes.

* Warrior's Main Attribute: Strength (Health bonus)

* Rogue's Main Attribute: Dexterity (Crit Chance bonus)

* Mage's Main Attribute: Intellect (Mana bonus)

Training your heroes

Heroes hunt monsters to collect their Souls and level up.

For every 10th level, you can use Gold to activate your Hero Traits.

Each Hero can use class specific mainhand and two-handed weapons.

For example, Warriors cannot use staffs while Mages can.

All weapons aside from the mainhand types can be used by all classes: maces and axes for Warrior only, crossbows, daggers, and quivers for Rogue only,  wands, and mojos for Mage only.

Your Hero's main attack varies depending on the weapon it's equipped with.

Each weapon offers different attack and combo patterns to help you achieve great damage.

Heroes can be equipped with 2 Active/Passive skills and 1 Ultimate skill at a time.

* For more details, refer to the Game Guide - Skill System section.

Death of a hero

When your Hero is fallen by monsters, you can either return to your Castle to recruit a new Hero or pay a certain amount of cost to resurrect the fallen Hero.

Give Up on Hero

- You will be returned to your castle if you select Give Up on your fallen Hero.

- The fallen Hero's weapons and other equipment are transferred to the next Hero you recruit at your Castle.

Resurrect Hero

- When your Hero is fallen, you can use Scroll of Resurrection or pay Souls to resurrect.

- Resurrected Heroes restart at the location where they were fallen.

- The amount of Souls required for Resurrection increases the more you resurrect a Hero.

Hiring a hero

Every time your hero falls, you can recruit a new Hero at your Castle, free of charge.

Your new Hero will be of the same class as your previous one, but may have different looks and talents.

The Hero may be slightly higher-leveled than your previous one, if you're lucky.

Reroll Hero: If you don't like the new Hero, you can always re-roll another one with Gold. Once you select a Hero, you cannot roll another Hero until it dies.

Re-rolling changes Hero's appearance and attributes. You may get a higher level hero if you are lucky by re-rerolling.

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