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Dark Sword Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Dark Sword Equipment Guide

1. Equipment Types
Dark Sword has a total of 5 Equipments.

2. Equipment Tiers
Indicates the strength of the Equipments. Higher numbers represent stronger Equipments.
 Higher stages drop higher-tiered Equipments (Tiers increase for each 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 stages)
 Tiers for drawn Equipments are dependent on character level (Tiers increase at every 5 character level: 5, 10, 15 and so on)
 Maximum Tier is 15
 There are no equip level requirements Tier 1 to 5 Equipments
 Tier 6 to 10 Equipments can be equipped when the character level is at 20 or higher
 Tier 11 to 15 Equipments can be equipped when the character level is at 40 or higher

3. Equipment Grades
Each Equipment has 5 grades per Tier. Strength grades in the descending order are Legendary, Epic, Rare, Magic and Normal. The higher the grade, the higher the number of options and skills that the weapon may possess. Higher grade Equipments have lower drop rate.
 Legendary - 7 options / 4 skills for weapons
 Epic - 5 options / 3 skills for weapons
 Rare - 3 options / 2 skills for weapons
 Magic - 2 options / 1 skill for weapons
 Normal - 1 option / 0 skill for weapons

4. Equipment Upgrade
All Equipments be strengthened through upgrades.
 Tap on Equipment to upgrade
 Gold is required to upgrade
 Upgrades of up to 100 levels for Legendary Equipments, 80 for Epic, 60 for Rare, 40 for Magic and 20 for Normal are possible
 Upgrading weapons gives increase Tier x 10 strength (e.g. Tier 5 increases strength by 50)
 Upgrading Helm or Armor increases defense corresponding to the tier (e.g. Tier 5 increases defense by 5)
 Upon upgrading necklaces and rings, all resistance increase corresponding to the tier (e.g. Tier 5 increases  by 5)
 (Using stones and Gold) Infinite upgrades through Breaking limits are possible

5. Break Limits for Equipments
Equipments that have reached their limits can break limit and be enhanced to a higher level.
 When upgraded to the limit, Upgrade button changes to Break Limit
 5 Stones matching the weapon attributes are required to break limits
-Weapons, helms and armors with Physical attribute need 5 Iron Stones.
-Weapons with Fire attribute need 5 Red Stones
-Weapons with Ice attribute need 5 Blue Stones
-Weapons with Lightning attribute need 5 Yellow Stones
-Weapons with Poison attribute need 5 Green Stones
-Weapons with Wind attribute need 5 Wind Stones
-Weapons with Dark attribute need 5 Dark Stones
-Necklaces and rings need 5 Magic Stones
 Increase strengthening level by 5 upon breaking the limit
 Breaking limits are infinite as long as you possess the Stones
 Stones are dropped at a low rate upon eliminating monsters (They can be purchased at a low rate on Extra Bonus)

6. Selling Equipments
Equipments that are needed can be sold for Gold
 Equipments with higher tier and grades are sold at higher values
 Highly upgraded Equipments are sold at higher values
 Necklaces and rings are sold at high value
Dark Sword has 3 currency - Gold / Soul / Stamina, which is on top of the main game screen.

Dark Sword Currencies Guide

The most basic currency acquired for eliminating monsters or selling Equipments - Mainly used for strengthening Equipments.

Acquired by: Adventure reward / Equipment sale / In-shop purchase

Used for: Strengthening Equipments

Souls are the most important currency in the Dark world for purchasing Equipments or speical potions.

Acquired by: Infinity Tower (3 Souls for every cleared stage) / Friends Invite (30 Souls / invited friend) / In-shop purchase
Used for: Purchasing Gold / Recharging Stamina / Drawing Equipments / Purchasing potions


1 Stamina is needed to play 1 stage of normal adventure or to play Infinity Tower.
1 Stamina per set period of time is recharged automatically. It can also be purchased in the Shop.

Cooldown time for automatic recharge: 15 mins for Normal mode / 7 mins for Hardcore mode
Maximum acquirable by automatic recharge: 20 Stamina

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