Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tamer World Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

[Digi-Strategy] How to make a good start?

I. Put all free diamonds on hands!

Diamond is the most important curreny in Tamer World. For helping players to grow up faster, we provide some free diamonds in gameplays and events.

You can get 2100 diamonds (No.1-No.7) at least for the first day.
If you use out all stamina for the first day, you can reach LV36 at least. Then you can challenge Abyss and New World Treasure(Sunday)  to get more diamonds. Login Reward also gives diamonds but not for everyday.
II.  If you are a paid player, the following purchase are recommended:

1. Purchase to be VIP3 at least, then you can unlock auto-slay and sweep dungeons.
2. Make enough purchase to get a Life Card, then you can claim 300 diamonds everyday. Monthly Card is also worthy, 100 diamonds for 30 days.
3. You can get big rewards from any purchase at the event [Loyal Customer]! Continuous purchase everyday gives more rewards. You can also earn much from little purchase everyday.
III. How to spend diamonds?

For nonpaid players:
1. [Digivice]→[Drawx10] More digimons, higher power!
2. Purchase stamina, slayer potion! Level up!
3. Purchase Guild dungeon challenge chance, Arena challenge chance!
4. Purchase chance to reset Abyss.
For paid players:
1. Evolution rock, moon bases and life bases are supervalued in the event [Evolution Palace]. It costs lots of rocks or bases to make digimon evolve to next form. So prepare for Mega form in advance! The event opens for only 7 days! Don’t miss the big discount!
2. Same as suggestions 1-4 for nonpaid players.

[Digi-Strategy] Play File Island&Guild Together!

1. You can occupy 6 zones at most, 5 of them are locked at first. When you occupy one, you can have the qualification to occupy the next.
2. You can gain resources in your occupied zones as follows:

5 levels
Choose adventure rewards(diamonds, badges, coins) → Choose basic yield (crystals of 5 levels) → Choose a digimon (higher power, more digimon bonus).
Drag to the bottom to see how to get the left resource crystals.

Assist friends to gain assistance bonus (10 times/day). Tap “Friends” → Choose a friend with fire icon → Choose a zone → Help. You friends can also get the bonus.
Final yield = basic*(1+digimon bonus+assist bonus)
3. If you are often grabbed by others, you can invite more powerful friends to help you. They will get something in return~

4. Grab other players’ island resources(10 times/day).  We suggest that you tap “Comparation” to check opponent’s formation. But if he invites friend to guard, you cannot see his friend’s formation.

Valued Goods
Guild Store
Currency: DONATION!!!

Use donations to exchange Diamond X (Unlocks at LV4 Guild)
You can use it to exchange many super-valued items such as resource crystals and evolution materials! Use crystals to play File Island Adventure, you can get big returns! Now let’s see how to get donations~

Guild Dungeon
Black Sea, also called Guild Dungeon, LV2 Guild open
3 free chances/day, paid chances are decided by VIP level.
Produces: donations (decided by stage progress and damages dealt), stage rewards, chapter rewards. Top 10 Guild members even can claim diamonds daily!
Tip: chapter progress will be reset every 0 o’clock (system time).

1 free chance.
Produces: donations (decided by development level) , equipment, diamonds, digi-egg.

For non-paid players:
500 diamonds ≈ 6000 donations x2 = 2 Diamond X = 354 diamonds at least, if we count digimon bonus and assist bonus in, you can even get more than 1000 diamonds! So don’t niggard with your diamonds! Not only the 500 diamonds can be earned back, but also your guild can level up faster! Or it will be late when you really need them!

For paid players:
Evolution requires huge amounts of materials! Maybe evolution materials are more suit for you!
Evolve Rock is for you digivolving from 1st form to 2nd form;
Moon Base is for you digivolving from 2nd form to 3rd form;
Life Base is for you from 3rd form to 4nd form.

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