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Girls X Battle Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Battle Girl Pandaria

Pandaria, a useful girl both in early and late period. So how to perform her full capacity, hope you can find out after reading this article.

1. Attribute and Evolve
An important method to raise a battle girl is evolving. The scrolls of Pandaria required by evolving are available in elite Chapter 2, Chapter 8 and Chapter 12. Meanwhile, if you are lucky, you will have extra scrolls from Small Exp Vending Machine.
Compare with other Agility battle girls like Wild Girl and Smartie, Pandaria only has 7.3 Agility Growth at her 5-star level, which ranks at middle level.

2. Gear Analysis
Only 8 pieces of purple gears required to promote Pandaria to purple+3, compare with other battle girls, which is a relatively small number. However, all these purple gears will be used to boost Pandaria’s damage greatly. In addition, with the help of Charming Bag and Queen Scepter, Pandaria will have an incredible high rate of dodging. Her disadvantage is lack of magic resistance gears, which makes her vulnerable facing Intelligence battle girls. Therefore, once finishing promotion, Pandaria is capable to gear up 6 purple gears, simple, but effective.

3. Skill Analysis
Pandaria has extremely useful skills, which make her popular.
Skill 1: Bamboo Rain; Rain bamboos to cause continuous damage to multiple enemies,higher level,more bamboos.
Bamboo Rain is a high potential skill, which is useful during late period, can be used to finish enemies with low HP.
Skill 2: Ice Bamboo; Using a Bamboo of Ice slow enemy down and cause physical damage.
Pandaria’s famous skill, high damage plus with high releasing frequency, also has the effect to freeze enemy.
Skill 3: Motif Impact; Silence multiple targets,force them to attack without skills.
This skill is useful against Intelligence battle girls.
Skill 4: Spell: Inspiration; Increase all allies’ physical attack.
A useful skill to boost team’s damage.

4. Recommended Formation
Pandaria is a useful battle girl in rear position, high damage and skill of silence, which make her popular in VS Player, also can be team with most other battle girls.

Battle Girl Lavia

Lavia is a Battle Girl you can acquire in the beginning of the game. However, many players share the same feeling that it is impossible for a free battle girl has incredible power. Hence, we will show you in this article.

1. Attribute and Evolve
Lavia is middle damage creator, both good at aoe and single damage output. Her scrolls for evolving are available in elite Chapter 2, Chapter 5 and Chapter 12, plus the help of vending machine, so it would be easy to evolve her to 5 stars.

2. Gear Analysis
Lavia has a high Intelligence Growth, but it is not clear when she at 1-2 stars. However, once she reaches 5 stars, Lavia’s Intelligence Growth will reach 9.8. With the help of decent Spell Power, Lavia could be a horrible damage creator.
Lavia’s gears in late period would be a sword with 2 edges. From 1 side, she has 4 pieces of gears are green; fortunately they are at purple and purple+1. On the other side, in later period, all her gears belong to damage boosting gear except shield generator. Plus her high Intelligence Growth, Lavia is a perfect damage creator.

3. Skill Analysis
Skill 1: Fire Fairy; Shoot fire fairy to target, cause huge magic damage and ignite target for consistence damage.
Perfect single damage output, which will create huge damage both in beginning and late periods, priority to skill up.
Skill 2: Wrath of Elf; Elf fly across battlefield, cause magic through enemies.
Lavia famous skill, aoe skill with huge area and perfect damage, also can use to interrupt skills and attack.
Skill 3: Lava Swirl; Summon lava to attack target randomly, cause stunned and small area of magic damage.
Stun skill, but the problem is small area, however, the damage is good. Therefore, this is a controlling skill.
Skill 4: Soul Flame; Concentrate fire power and gain additional SP with attack.
As a middle caster, Lavia’s 2nd and 3rd skills need to be controlled manually, and lack of physical damage. Hence, it is not obvious to increase Spell Power.

4. Conclusion
Lavia is a powerful battle girl both in beginning and middle period, has skills are capable to create huge damage from single target to entire enemies. In conclusion, Lavia will leave impressive performance both in Quiz and Champion.

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