Sunday, March 6, 2016

Blades of Revenge Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Match same elements!
When you do match your character's element to the enemy's element, it will create a pattern around the targeted enemy.
Enemies who are in the pattern will also receive damage from your character.
Not all characters has the same pattern, some will have 3x3 or a cross pattern.
If you don't match it with the same elements, it will only attack and damage your chosen enemy.

Right time on getting Power-Ups!
Power-Ups such as hearts that will heal your HP are handy when your health is in danger.
However you should be wise on when is the right time to get those power-ups.
Only get Power-Ups when you have a spare character.
Spare character is a character that doesn't have elemental match with the available enemies.

Eliminate them with 1 move as much as you can.
If you can't eliminate them within 1 move, those enemies may run and will be added to the next wave of enemies or they will fight back and attack your characters.
You should Spread your damage to all enemies as much as you can.
Be very wise on using pattern on enemies, so that you can hit them and you may eliminate them within 1 move.

Picking an Ally.
When picking your ally, you should get an ally based on what elements you need, not on the level itself.

Facing Difficult Enemies.
Prioritize those enemies that has a higher number of turn.
Higher number of turn enemies, deals high damage but they will only attack if the number of turns reaches at 0.
Low number of turn enemies, specially those enemies that attack immediately, deals very low attack damage and not usually threat to your Health Points.
They have also low HP and die easily compared to those who have higher number of turns.
If you focus your attacks on enemies that have higher number of turns, your patterns will hit other enemies specially those weak enemies may be killed within the same move.

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