Sunday, March 6, 2016

Level Up Villains Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

To train your henchmen, they need KP
Earn KP by tapping on them.’

Improving a henchman's primary
weapon increases the amount of XP they
earn per tap.

Excellent. Now he'll earn more XP per
tap. Your Villains also earn KP even when
you're not tapping them.

They'll even earn XP while you aren't
playing the game.

You can also use KP to increase a
Villain's skills. Skills help Villains in

Each Villain has 3 different skills. Gnoth's
skills are Strength, Dexterity and

Let's earn enough XP and improve one of
his skills.

A much more reliable way to earn gold is
on quests

Quests can be anything from raiding
villages. to ambushing heroes. to fighting
other Villains... but they all earn gold.

Some quests require a mix of skills and
require more than one villain.

How to play without annoying ads? (No Ads Cheats)
Playing Level Up Villains game is sometimes annoying because of intrusive ads, ads that may appear out of nowhere, ads that may block or occupy entire screen, Fortunately I have a (No Ads) cheat for you to use and play your Level Up Villains game without those pesky annoying ads :)

You should turn off your WIFI/3G/LTE internet connection before you can open or launch your Level Up Villains game. If you already launched the Level Up Villains game, just force close or go to your multitask (Android: Multitask button, iOS: Double Tap Home Button) and swipe it out to force close the game. 

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