Sunday, March 6, 2016

I Love Fishing Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How to collect points
- Be sure to upgrade the aquarium!
Your fish price goes up and you can feed more fish.
- Always sell fish via your aquarium!
Fish price at sea is lower than that at the aquarium.
- Feed fish much!
The more you feed fish, the higher its price is (up to five times)
- Join every competition!
Win a high rank to get points and items.

How to catch big fish
- Choose your bait carefully!!
In each area, there is a certain bait that attracts big fish more effectively.
- Be sure to use ground baits!
You will have a better chance to catch big fish.
- Understand your equipment!
Use equipment with a better chance to catch big fish to catch rgger fish.
- Use a better boat!
The better a boat is, the bigger fish you can catch.

How to Fish - Manual
Touch and drag the fishing pad to pull the fishing rod.
Pull the fishing rod against fish to give more damage.

How to Fish - Auto
Press the Spin button to reel in and remove your finger to release the reel.
Press the Hold button to maintain tension.

Fish Bank
You keep your fish in the Fish Bank.
Upgrade the Fish Bank to increase storage capacity and raise the fish price.
Feed fish to raise the fish price.
To get more points, it is necessary to upgrade the aquarium.

In the shipyard, you can buy boats
You can upgrade your boat
The better a boat is, the more you can catch fish.

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