Tuesday, February 16, 2016

War of Tanks 2 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Battle Guide
Tanks shoot automatically. Tap Go and just watch.
You have 2 types of ammo. Pick the Premium shells.
Pick Precision Fire for Max damage or Critical hit.
Tap your weakest tank. Give order to Evade.
Order to Assault. It's a chance to shoot first.
Pick Evasion to reduce income damage or dodge.
Change shells to Norm to save Premium shells.
You can use Auto Fight. But you can fight better.

Tank Improve Guide
Tank has 6 modules for upgrade
Tank crew has 3 skills. Train skills to improve tank performance
Train crew skills. Use Training Passes for that
You can improve any part from your inventory by consuming odd parts.

Raid Battle Guide
Complete chain of 6 battles and get top reward
If you lose any battle you lose all of your rewards!
You gain Fame Points FP with every win
FP are counted in a weekly Tournament for top prize
The more powerful your tanks the more FP you get
Activate FP to increase FP  rewards per win

Raid Tournament Guide
The Tournament lasts 6 days from Tue to Sun.
Each Mon players in every league receive tournament rewards
FP - Define your position in league of 10 players
Every day Top 3 players are rewarded and promoted to upper league
Bottom 3 players are demoted to lower league
#1 Player in league promoted two leagues up!

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