Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tower Conquest Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

The goal of Tower Conquest is to destroy the enemy
tower before your tower is destroyed!

The Black Knight is a tough but expensive, front line unit!
You'll need to upgrade your mana to summon one!

Archers are powerful but fragile, long-range units!
Protect them with your other minions!

Occasionally, defeated enemies will drop a power-up!
Tap them to unleash their devastating effects!

Sparkles around a unit indicates it can be upgraded!
Don't forget that a unit's Max Level is equal to your own

The Shield Bot takes less damage while carrying its
shield. Knock it back to weaken its defenses!

The juggernaut is a tough unit that can block
your minions even after it's destroyed.
You'll have to kill it twice!

Certain minions can attack from behind the front line!
Use area damage to take them out!

Use Soulstones to Evolve your units! Evolved units
get a significant power boost, and upgraded abilities!

The Terminus 9000 will retreat to maintain his range
advantage. Push him back until he can't escape!

Your tower attack is powerful but use it wisely!
Its cost increases the more it's used in each battle

Use offensive Tower abilities on enemy groups to
maximize their effectiveness!

Every battle awards experience points, whether
you win or lose! So don't be afraid to take on
tough challenges!

Upgrade your mana early to gain the advantage,
but don't get too greedy! You'll be quickly
overwhelmed without troops!

Player-vs-Player combat unlocks at level 5!
Compete for gold and glory!

Gems have many uses! Use them to recruit new
minions, acquire gold for upgrades, or refill your
energy between battles!