Tuesday, February 16, 2016

World of Devil Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Top 6 Events that will help you start playing in World of Devil!
"World of Devil" opened in the beginning 7 days will give you a lots of surprise gift!

Activity one:Leveling up get rewords when Opened Service!
During opening service 7 days,levels and Fighting Power Top 10 players can gain a huge Gems, Feather III and Revive Potion reward , Statistics only from the 7 days Ranking.

Activity Two: Get Free Legendary Equips when first recharge
First recharge any amount can get Legendary Equips and lots of money on consequent 3 days! Legendary Equips can improve your Fighting Power quickly!

Activity Three: Fun for 7 days!
There will be a lot of Limited purchase during opening Server 7 days,it can help you Boarded Fighting Power Ranking as soon as possible! First day:diamond 288 limited purchase Upgrading Pack!

Activity Four: Recharge returned!
Recharge can return diamond during opening service 7 days! please notice specific retum in the game!

Activity Five:Pay less get more--Growth Fund
Growth Fund purchase for only VIP 3 and above! The Growth Fund is include Rational Funds and Planned Fund!Players can get large amounts of diamonds even: 5 or 10 levels after level 30!

Activity Six:Month Card reword diamond forever
Purchase Month Card can reward diamonds everyday while loading. Month Card is include Angel Mouth Card and Gods Month Card. Specific description can be see in the game diamond returned through the daily mail!

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