Sunday, February 7, 2016

Stick War Legacy Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Stick War Legacy Character Game Guide

Click or hold mining icon: When near a gold mine. Once the bag displays as full, walk the miner
behind the statue where he will unload the gold.

Thejump in attack does bonus damage but does have cooldown wait period.
Use the jump in attack and then garrison your Swordwrath to maximize your damage output and minimize
your health loss.

Clicking the arrow cam icon will follow the arrow from the Archidon to its destination.
Aim for the head. Headshots do bonus damage and often lead to a nice headshot animation.

Forming 8 speartons will give you the bene?t of the second rows ability to attack while being protected by the ?rst.

Magikill are expensive and take a long time to build so make sure you have a large enough army before investing in a Magikill.

A player controlled giant can do massive bonus damage and has a much better chance of hitting its target.

Castle Archidon
Gain a powerful Castle Archidon for every 3 garrisoned units.
This unit can not be user controlled.