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Air Force Fury Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Air Force Fury Guide

How do you calculate the power?
How do you increase it?
Players‘ power is decided by their strongest team; How to increase power:
1. Recruit heroes and increase their level.
2. Produce more high-level fighters
3. Increase tech level with research
4. Upgrade character skill and command level
5. Enhance and modify stronger equipment

Construction Progress Details
Upgrading the building level grants higher max construction progress.
When the progress reaches a certain amount, you can send more fighters into battle.
When your base is lost, the progress will decrease but gain 1 point each minute.
You can also increase the recovery speed with diamonds.
Attacking other players bases also grant certain construction progress.

Base Building Details
Command Center: Increases all resources production and storage.
The levels of other buildings can‘t be higher than the Command Center, so remember to upgrade it at ?rst. The Command Center unlock 1 iron, oil and Bauxite every 2 levels and 1 oil well every 5 levels.
Each player can have 26 resource points and 6 gas points;
Research Center: It can upgrade techs to increase resource output and troop stats.
The max level of techs can't be higher than the research center level and player prestige level;
Fighter Plant: You can produce fighter here. Basic fighter production+5% each level.
Upgrade the fighter plant and more high-level fighter will be unlocked.
Modification Plant: It costs resources to modify low-level fighters to high-level ones.
Basic modification speed+5% each level; Assembly Shop: Some parts for assembly must be purchased with diamonds;
Warehouse: Increases storage capacity to protect them from being plundered.

How do you upgrade a hero?
Heroes can be upgraded with Exp Books for stats that increase as heroes level up.
When heroes reach the max level, you can spend their souls to star them up to win higher max levels and new skills.

How do you upgrade equipment?
Equipment can be enhanced with crystals for higher stats.
The enhanced level can‘t be higher than the character level; Modi?cation also grants equipment stats.
Materials for modification are available in the expedition and the ladder.

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