Sunday, February 7, 2016

Monsters X Monsters Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

* 3 modes: Campaign, Arena, Survival
* Unlock and upgrade units and Bosses
* Player can cast spell or active heroes's skill during the combat
* Very Hard mode with elite bosses
* Over 70 available units and 30+ heroes
* Survivor mode
* Over 50 achievements to unlock
* Develop unique strategies with many different spells

The Story and Gameplay: The story is pretty simple. It is about the world there are only monsters. And They fight each other to unite the whole land. Players fight and unlock new units/spells/towers and heroes during the campaign when they defeat them. But there are many unique units and spells that make the deep strategy. Players can build their favourite army to conquer the land.

Fire skull
*High Armor / Defend
*Can summon skeleton army from hell

Sun Wukong:
* Very fast and flexible
* Can create many Decoys
* Can Jump forward to deal massive damage (The decoy can also do it)

* Very high HP
* Fast moving
* Can cast skill with some different elements (Fire, Ice, ...)

Pig the mecenery:
* Aveg speed, High damage
* High magic resitance
* Can Jump to the enemy backline to kill rangers and mages

Fox the pathfinder
* Low HP but very fast
* Can shoot multi arrows at once

Boar the mercenary
*Very powerful, high AOE Damage, slow a bit, Good health
*He is the brother of Piggy King (Hero in the game)

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