Monday, February 1, 2016

Samurai Night Romance Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

About Platinum
*If points are not received correctly after purchasing Platinum, try the following steps.
1. Refresh the Platinum purchasing page, and check to see if the points have been added.
2. Turn off your device, turn it back on, and check to see if the points have been added.
*Using the Play store may result in a two hour lag; please wait two hours and check.
If none of the methods above resolve the problem,
please copy the alert number recorded in your purchase confirmation email and send it using the form under "Questions about Platinum."
To Platinum
*If you get a "pending" message or error message when purchasing points, you may be experiencing a limit placed on you by the Play store or your cell phone provider.

□ About the Story
*Choose "Continue" to resume the story.
*The first chapter consists of several stories. Playing through each one uses one Scenario Ticket.
*Each character may have multiple endings. By selecting character Affection Level in the story, the ending will change.
When entering the ending, because a story arc change can go bad, it is recommend to give Affection Level prior to the event.
*Your Scenario Tickets will revert to 5 each morning at 4:00 am (Japan time). You can purchase more to continue immediately.
Remember that the maximum number of Scenario Tickets you can have at one time is 5.

□ About Scenario Branching
According to character Affection Level there are situations in which the scenario will fork.
For character Affection Level, it is possible according to selections made in the middle of a scenario.
It is also possible for character Affection Level to be supported by avatars, items, etc.

□ About Your Avatar
*At the My Avatar, the Charm, affected by the win or lose of Dance Practice, will be bestowed.
* The page where My Avatar can change outfits is called Change Clothes. The Change Clothes can initially save 10 avatars. To increase your maximum number, the data storage increase item 【Change Clothes】 will be needed.
*Depending on what you wear your love interest may compliment you, make you feel shy, or some other unexpected reaction.
* At Secret Place Avatar the character's Affection Level attached avatar will be there. The Secret Place's avatar can be acquired only by Secret Place gacha. According to the avatar, character's Affection Level will go up.
*Secret Place's avatar save maximum value is 5. When you reach the avatar save limit, you will be unable to purchase more avatars, so an expansion item is necessary.
*In the case of each avatar's save limit is reached, you can make more room by deleting avatars from storage. A deleted avatar's Charm and Affection Level will be deleted, so please be careful.
*When Petal able to be acquired at Secret Place reach a set number, you can exchange with My Avatar at the dress clearing house.
*When Petal able to be acquired at Login Bonus reach a set number, you can exchange with My Avatar at the dress clearing house.
*Shaman Ranking
Shaman Ranking is determined by according to the order Elegance (amount raised in a 7 day period) was acquired. Acquired Elegance will become that value.
(Updates hourly)
Elegance can be raised by Dance Practice. You can check your Elegance grand total and amount acquired through each story arc at my data.