Monday, February 1, 2016

War and Order Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Alliance Flags
GROW that territory FAST! Absolutely all alliance members can help expand alliance territory by building Alliance Flags. That leads to bigger daily territory rewards for everybody!
Remember, your flags strategically to cover resource mines in your territory. Elite mines can ONLY be gathered if they're within your alliance territory!

Tip‬: Rally with your alliance every day to win the most Lord XP and loot! Some adventures, like the Ancient Ruins, can only be faced in a Rally!
To unlock the Rally, upgrade your Castle to Level 8 ASAP and build a Hall of War.

Tip‬: Upgrade your Barracks ASAP!
At Level 1, you'll only have access to Human soldiers. Upgrade to Lv 4 as quickly as possible to start recruiting a variety of Orcs and Elves!
Remember, your Barracks can recruit Infantry, Cavalry, Archers, and Mages all from just one building. This makes recruitment easy, since you don't have to balance a different building for each soldier. It also makes each upgrade 4x as powerful, as you get closer to a new soldier for EACH unit type each time! So remember to build and recruit early to build your power fast as possible!

Bind your account!
We STRONGLY suggest you bind your account with Facebook to protect it from getting lost. AFTER your account is bound, even if you update your system or change your device, you can still get your account back by the following steps.
1. Login game and temporarily play with a new account
2. Just keep finishing the newbie tutorial till you are free to tap any button;
3. Tap the Lord icon in the upper left of your screen to enter the Account screen;
4. Tap Option in the upper right of your account screen to enter the Settings screen;
5. Tap the Account button to enter the Account screen;
6. Tap Switch Account to log back in to your old account.

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