Monday, February 1, 2016

Revenge of Sultans Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How to play?
 As a Lord in the game, you need to set your influence in the realms of the kingdom. Eventually, you will be a king admired by all, ruling your powerful kingdom or even the whole world!
 Upgrading buildings, training soldiers and researching technologies are the most effective methods to strengthen your power! Develop resource buildings and collect as much resources as possible from the world will provide you with a solid foundation for rapid expansion!
 Join an Alliance and migrate close to your allies can be advantageous.
 Hunt monsters in the world to get more Lord EXP and skills.
 Play the game with your friends to make it challenging and fun!

How to collect resources?
 You need to find Resource Zones on the world map and dispatch soldiers to occupy them in order to collect resources. It will take some time to complete the collection. After that, your soldiers will bring back the resources to your Castle. The higher the Load capacity of your troop, the more resources can be brought back each trip.

How to get Skill Points?
 You will get some Skill Points each time the Lord advances one level. Lord level is dictated by the amount of lord EXP gained through upgrading building and completing quests. Each time the EXP bar fills up, the lord will advance to the next level. The higher the Lord level is, the more Skill Points you will receive. Use these points to open a great number of passive skills.