Sunday, February 7, 2016

Tennis Club Story Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Tennis Club Story
In this simulation game, you play the part of a tennis club manager.
Train your customers and players and try to lead your club from obscurity to a Grand Slam Winner!

Game Flow
Train your players and try to Win all of the major tournaments.
But don't forget that building facilities at your club and signing with corporate sponsors is also an important part of club management.

Matches are played automatically by the players, but you can sometimes make a difference by giving them advice about tactics during the match.

During Matches: Stamina
Each time a player hits a shot, their stamina will go down. If a player has low stamina, it will reduce the power of their shots and their movement speed.

During Matches: Spirit
A player's spirit will go up or down during a match depending on the score, etc.
When the spirit meter fills up, it will trigger an aura that can give the player an advantage in the match.

During Matches: Nerves
When facing a match point or a deuce, a player's nerves will go up. This, multiplied
by the number of rallies, will then affect the player's spirit as Well.

There are various types of players, such as Hearty or Hard Hitter.
How easy it is for them to develop, and how they develop when leveling up, will depend on their type.

Items have a variety of effects on players, and can be purchased in the shop or won in matches. Give plenty of thought to which players you want to use them on.

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