Friday, January 22, 2016

Who's King? Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

1. Garden can give you Silver, Impression, Hero Soul, Gold, EXP, Honor.
2. Fruits are divided into white, green, blue, purple, gold, the higher rarity is, the better rewards are.
3. Fruits have 5 growing seasons, the more seasons are, the better rewards are.
4. The more God Tree times, the more Gold.
5. You can harvest 10 times a day, the higher VIP is, the more harvest times you will have.
6. Level up VIP to increase the fruit number.

Pray to the God Tree
1. The higher virtue of Hero is, the more amount of pray time you will have to receive Silver.
2. Each 5 times of praying to the God Tree using Gold, you will receive one more target of Silver.
3. Players will have chance to receive CRIT, it will give you more Silver.

God Hero Guan Yu
In history of the Three Kingdoms, Guan Yu was well-known as an invincible general of the world as Lubu. He was also the leader of Five Tiger Generals of Shu and the icon of generous, kind, and loyal Hero.
Skill: Dragon Strike: Attack all enemies, deals damage equal to 160% normal attack, reduces 6% Speed for 3 rounds.
Talent: Talent will be activated at level 10, stats is increased each every 10 levels.

Fearless General in battlefield
Zhang Fei is twinned with Liu Bei and Guan Yu, as well as one of the Five Tiger Generals in Shu.
He always is a powerful general that all Lords would ever wanted to have because of his strength - 1 against 100, all enemies are frightened when hearing his name. 💪
Skill: Turning The Tide: Attacks all enemies, dealing damage equal to 95% of normal ATK, increases your center units's ATK by 15% for 3 rounds.
Intro: Sworn to be brothers with Liu Bei and Guan Yu. Has a shot temper, hates evil things, stands on Chang Ban bridge to shout and scares hundreds of thousands units
Talent: Talent will be activated at level 10, stats is increased each every 10 levels.

A bewitching beauty
Skill: Peerless Beauty: Heals frontal units, recovery rate is 150%, increases allied unit's Crit rate by 50% for 1 round.
Diao Chan is one of the four beauties of acient China, Wang Yun's singer, an extremely beautiful lady.
Talent: Talent will be activated at level 10, stats is increased each every 10 levels.

[Guide] How to use Giftcode?

Dear all Lords,
Giftcode is one of the most important companion when conquering the Kingdoms. Diao Chan will guide you how to use giftcode here:
Step 1: In the main display, chose “Special” icon.
Step 2: Sweep to the left, choose “Giftcode” option.
Step 3: Enter giftcode and receive rewards.
So you have successfully received giftcode. Have fun in experiencing Who’s King!
Notice: After entering the Code, an announcement will appear, then the content of giftcode will be in the display 10 second after that. Please check items in Bag and use them.
Right now we have these 3 types of giftcode for all Lords to use in game.
- Code Landing: D8FCC
- Code dashboard: 5F9DL
- Code website: 8D8BB

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