Friday, January 22, 2016

Blade: Sword of Elysion Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Damage's Advanced PVP Tips

With our CrossBlades and Mobcrush weekly pvp events going strong, you might be wondering how to get in on the 1v1 action. Check out our PVP tips below and start climbing the leader boards.

1. Respecc
*****Maybe your normal character spec isn't best for PVP. Change your current skill set to make sure your character is ready for 1v1 battle.

Here is a sample respecc for Reina that focuses on Countering, Freezing, and Retreating

Maxed Heroic Strike--Counter Attack Damage increased by 50%
Maxed Unchained Counter--Gives 3 animations to the counter attack...this also gives 3 instances of invulnerability (you are invulnerable while countering)

Maxed Vitality--HP increased by 20%
Maxed Steelskin--Melee defense increased by 20%
Maxed Rage--Attack Speed Increased by 10%

Maxed Secondary Skill Upgrade Effects--Secondary skill upgrades offer a game-changing special ability at max level. For example, Reina's Divine Judgement lasts longer and delivers a huge stun effect at the end casting when "Overchannel" is maxed.

All in all, this specc will allow Reina's long distance damage to shine. When in close, counter your enemy's attacks in order to not only deal huge amounts of damage, but to stun them as well. Be careful though, countering will knock your opponent down, but they are invulnerable when they are standing back up. Don't waste a freeze blast on an opponent in an invulnerable state. When you do freeze blast, dodge away from your opponent and blast them with your basic attack.

2. Learn When to Run
*****In PVP, even blocking takes damage. Learn your opponent's super-moves so that you dodge away and live to fight another day.

Some skills are instantaneous and don't really have a warning animation; but the most powerful attacks such as Leo's "Phoenix Rises" have an animation signalling their attack. When you see the animation dodge off screen. With Reina, continue your basic attack until their skill finishes. For melee characters, let the attack subside and then rush back in.

3. Master the Counter
*****Counters, in Blade, are devastating. Counter by blocking your opponent's moves at just the right time and watch them cry.

That said, counters are not a cure all. First, counters knock your opponents down, which is a double-edged sword. While your opponent is getting back up, they are invulnerable. So there are many times where your second counter attack actually doesn't deal damage since your opponent is temporarily invulnerable (this is why you should max-out the Unchained Counter skill--so that you get 3 counter animations).

4. Gear Up
*****Proper gear will always give you an advantage. Make sure you've got the best gear for your level.

This seems obvious, but double check your gear to make sure that it is more pvp appropriate. A very key component of PVP is lifesteal. Sometimes the best way to fight is to simply outlast your opponent. Use renew options to try to roll lifesteal stats on your gear.

5. Costumes
*****Costumes have a good purpose in PVP--obscuring your equipment. Relaxed opponents are sloppy opponents, and costumes cover up all your S level gear.