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Rise Of The Dragon Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Equipment is one of the ways to provide and increase attributes. There are 2 types of equipment to fit different gaming style. Players will get default weapons and clothes, and have to upgrade to increase equipment attributes and change character’s clothes; while helmet, ring and apparel will occasionally drop in stage, draw them at merchant’s store. Put them on character to increase character’s attributes.

Equipment categories are sorted as follow:

Necklace===Critical hit======No===========No============Yes

Weapon and clothes are not changeable, however, they are improvable and upgradable

Attributes of clothes and weapon include:
Attribute Description
Title Name given cannot be changed
Class limitation Different weapons, clothes, and appearances to represent different classes
Grade Grade of weapon and clothes is shown directly on screen
Level Weapon and clothes rank up automatically when level is reached
Attribute Bonus equipment attribute for characters

Helmet, apparel, necklace, ring attribute include:
Attributes Description
Title Name given cannot be changed
Grade Grade of weapon and clothes is shown directly on screen,classified in Bronze, Silver, and Gold
Level to equip Character minimum level to equip this equipment
Attribute Bonus equipment attribute for characters

1. Weapon and Clothes Enhancement

Players can use coin and Enhancement Stone to enhance weapons and clothes, every enhancement will increase 1 enhancement level and attribute. When weapon and clothes have reached the maximum of a level, character is upgraded automatically and new level begins.
The success rate of enhancement is 100%. However, there is limitation as well. Players can only enhance equipment when character level met the given level.

2. How to get equipment

a. Drops in stage
b. Draw at merchant store, free draw every day
c. Exchange for equipment in Arena store and Doom Wild store

3. Differentiate equipment power

Equipment is classified into 4 grades, which are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Dark Gold. Dark Gold is the ace of all grades. Equipment grade can affect the equipment attribute.

4. Equip equipment

Players can equip helmet, necklace, and apparel at ‘Equipment’. Drag and pull equipment to ‘Equipment list’ to complete the look.

5. Equipment melting

Players can melt unwanted equipment for casting new items. Drag and drop equipment at the virtual foundry at the ‘Melt’ page. Successful melt will give player Melt EXP. When players Melt EXP reach maximum points, players can draw the Melting Chest once and receive Gold Grade equipment.

6. Where to get Enhancement Stone

Stage, Doom Wild Treasure Chest, World Boss Ranking Chest, Guild Dungeon

7. Enchanting

Character can be enchanted is equipped with 4 changeable equipment, which are helmet, apparel, necklace, and ring.
Equipment====Basic Attribute====Enchanted====Enchant Attribute
Helmet========HP, Attack==========Yes=========HP, Attack

Enchanted equipment cannot be stacked with the original equipment, despite both equipment possess the same grade or level.
Enchant is to increase equipment basic attribute points, not adding any new attributes.
Enchanting required: Enchanted materials and Coins.
Enchanting materials include enchanted item and equipment. When 4 equipment have reached the highest grade level, an extra item recycling is added.
Enchanted item is classified into 3 sizes: big, medium, small, to respond to different enchant experience.
Small enchanted item : Nether Dust, increase 20 points Enchanting EXP
Medium enchanted item : Shimmer Dust, increase 200 points Enchanting EXP
Big enchanted item : Force Essence, increase 800 points Enchanting EXP
Coins: Enchanted materials will provide higher EXP, but also required large amount of Coins. Receive 1 Enchanting EXP requires 150 Coins.
Every equipment default enchanted level is set as 0, highest level that can be reached is level 5, number of star is used to indicate the level obtained. Equipment will only receive enchanted attribute when equipment level increased. The higher the enchanted level, the more Enchanting EXP that player needs to level up, the more the attributes are.
Every enchanting level has its own title that is shown at the list:
Normal Enchant, Advanced Enchant, Expert Enchant, Master Enchant, Legendary Enchant

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