Friday, January 22, 2016

Panzer Waltz Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Home screen, it's where you'll be returning to many times! Most of the buttons easily describe their purpose... But let me explain a few of em!πŸ“’πŸ“’πŸ“’
✳[ORG] Organize - manage your tanks and squads here
✳[OBJ] Objectives - view and complete your missions
✳[UPG] Upgrade - feed your tanks different foods to upgrade them🍧🍜🍲
✳[S&T] Science & Technology - research ammo/chassis/armor/engine upgrades
✳[R&D] Research & Develop - research and develop nearly all tanks here
✳[Depot] - Pretty much just your inventory, you can upgrade items here too
✳[Store] - Buy resources and supplies with real-world or in-game currency
✳[Base] - Brings up a view of your base, upgrade as well generate resources here

View all your "tanks" by types (Heavy, Medium, Light, etc)
Access individual details by tapping on them
Access your [ATK] and [DEF] squads

Tier upgrade screen accessed by tapping on the bottom Tier LVLs;
Upgrades the overall effectiveness of technologies from this Tier
Unlocks individual technologies in (vertical) waves
Once all 6 waves have been unlocked, Opens up the next Tier
Can be upgraded beyond Tier LVL 6 to further increase effectiveness

You'll need to properly arm and protect your "tanks" with new technologies! You can access all the tech research and upgrades here. Be warned though, it can be quite confusing at first!
This is the first view you'll come to once tapping [S&T] in the main screen;
Access the various types of technologies for upgrade
Most will be locked at first and unlock as you levelup

Research and unlock that individual technology for use
Further along the techtree these individual tech can require alot of mats!
Make sure to plan accordingly, don't waste your resources!

Assign individuals to squads
View their overall attributes & stats
Access individual details by tapping on them

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