Friday, January 22, 2016

KO Fighter Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Do you know what's the special elements of the game which are different from other games?
Do you know how to create a strongest formation against your rivals?
Partners in game have five elements(金--metal, 木--wood, 水--water, 火--fire, 土--earth) and every element will counteract each other.
Such as METAL can create WATER which means the partner with metal element can perfectly group with the partner with water element. However, FIRE can destroy METAL, so the partner with metal element should not be in a group with partner with fire element.
Fighters can check the relations between these five elements as below and create the strongest formation for your own team!

Q1: What should I do if I cannot start the game?
A: First of all, please make sure what kind of issue did you meet? If it’s about internet issue, you can try to use a better and stabler internet to retry. If it’s about app’s issue, please try to reinstall the game.
Q2: I have recharged but I didn’t receive the diamonds.
A: Don’t worry about it. First of all, please make sure whether the payment has been deducted from your account, if so, please contact the customer service with your account details and order information(order time, order amount, order number etc.)
Q3: What is the max level of the character now?
A: The max level of character is 100 now. We will increase higher level in the future, please stay tuned to our latest news!
Q4: How often will the stamina restore 1 point?
A: The stamina will be restored 1 point every 6 minutes.
Q5: How can I unlock some game features in game?
A: You should update your character level and then you can enjoy more features and fun in game.
Q6: Can I change my role name in game?
A: Of course you can. You can change your role name in your account’s info, but it will cost you 150 diamonds.

How to Recharge Diamonds in Game
In order to cater to different kinds of players, KO Fighter provides different methods for players to recharge. Now, Yui will introduce those recharge methods for you. Let’s go!
1. For IOS&Android players.
Players can recharge diamonds directly from ITUNES & Google Wallet.
Choose the item you want to recharge.
And then click “Confirm”. The transaction will link to ITUNES or Google Wallet, then you can follow the steps to finish the transaction.
2. Official Recharge Website (
1.Click “Recharge”
2.Input your account name  and password, then log in your account.
3.Click “Recharge”
4.Choose “KO Fighter” and your server & character name.
5. There  are many kinds of recharge methods here, you can choose the one you like.

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