Friday, January 22, 2016

BioBeasts Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Q. What is BioBeasts?
A. BioBeasts is the latest mobile game from Artix Entertainment! Play as mutating BioBeasts created in a science experiment gone horribly wrong! Robot engineers thought their heavily guarded facility was secure, but clearly they underestimated the power of their own experimental chemicals on innocent creatures. Now the scientists will pay as the BioBeasts Escape, Mutate, and Destroy! BioBeasts Free Mobile Action Arcade Game

Q. How do I play the game?
A. BioBeasts is a single player game that does not require an Internet connection, but if you would like to make a purchase, you will need to be able to connect to the Google Play or Apple Store. BioBeasts will not require any social media accounts or special logins. Just download, install, and play! In game you'll meet a little helper robot named Plink who will teach you the basics!

Q. Tell me more about the Beasts! How do they work?
A. You will unlock multiple BioBeasts as you progress through the game. Each Beast features a unique Beast Power that will help you survive. Try to complete the game on every difficulty with all the different Beasts!

Q. What is a Mutation?
A. You will encounter several waves of enemies as you progress through the game. Mutations are special power-ups you can apply to your Beast at the end of each wave. You may only select one Mutation per wave.

Q. How do I get new Mutations?
A. New Mutations can be unlocked and upgraded in the shop using BioBits. Unlocking them allows them to appear after each wave during the game. BioBeasts Unlock Mutations

Q. What are Serums?
A. Serums are optional power-ups the player can use before each Wave. The following Serums are available:

Health Serum - Restores 1 Health
Strength Serum - Increases Damage and Critical Chance
Reroll Serum - Transform the 3 Mutations Plink brings you into 3 different ones BioBeasts Serums
Q. What are BioBits?
A. BioBits are the in-game currency for BioBeasts. You earns BioBits as you progress through the game. Additionally, you may purchase BioBits for real money. BioBits can be spent to unlock new Beasts, unlock and upgrade Mutations, and purchase Serums to power up the Beast during a run. You may also watch Ads to receive free BioBits. BioBeasts BioBits Currency

Q. What is the difference between the play modes?
A. There are 3 difficulties the player can unlock per beast - Normal, Hard, and Insane. You'll have to try them for yourself to see what they have in store!

Q. I see I have a high score, can I play against other players?
A. BioBeasts is currently an offline game and does not support Leaderboards, but we hope to add them in a future update.

Q. How do I pause the game?
A. During the game, there is a pause button directly above the battle controls. Additionally, the game will pause automatically when you get a phone call or other big notification.

Q. Do I need a special account or login to play BioBeasts?
A. Nope, just download and play!

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