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Clash of Queens Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

The Castle is the most important building.
Upgrading the Castle will unlock other buildings and functions. Upgrading the castle will also raise the level cap of other buildings.
For example, if you have a level 5 Castle, all of your other buildings can also be upgraded as high as
(but no higher than) 5. Resource income and Total Upkeep are displayed in Castle information.

Drill Grounds
Drill Grounds can be built in your city. I'ts level determines the size of marching armies.
Research technology and using "March Size Increase" items can also help increase the size of your marching army.

The depot can protect your resources from plunder.
The higher level of your Depot, the more resources will be protected in an attack.
Uncollected resources are not protected by Depot. Make sure to collect all you can!

Various technologies can be researched in the Library.
Each successive level of a given technology requires you to upgrade your Library to a certain level, and will cost a certain amount of resources as well.

Walls determine city defense and traps capacity.
Every time you want to upgrade your Castle, one of your requirements will also be to have your Wall at a sufficiently high level, so make sure to keep upgrading it!

Training Institute
Training Institute can be built outside of the Walls.
Training Institute increase soldier training capacity and speed.
More Training Institute means you can build your army up faster, but at the potential cost of spots that could be used for resources or hospitals.
Make sure you find a balance that works for you!

You can build traps in the Fortress.
- Upgrade the Fortress to unlock new traps
- Trap building speed is affected by the Science and Skill Points.
- The maximum number of traps depends on the Walls level.
- Traps will be activated automatically when there are soldiers (quantity 21) in the castle. If you have no soldiers in your castle, then the traps cannot be used.

Watchtowers allows you to "scout" other players‘ status in the world, and to check your attacker's information when your castle is being attacked.
The higher level of Watchtower, the more detailed a report you will receive.

Hospitals are built outside of the Walls. They can be used to heal wounded soldiers and get them ready to fight for you once more! Healing wounded soldiers is also much cheaper and faster than training new ones.
Hospitals can accommodate a set number of wounded soldiers, scaling up with the level of the Hospital in question.
Some technology can also increase Hospital capacity.
Wounded soldiers will die when Hospital capacity is insufficient, so be sure to keep them

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