Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fox One Special Missions Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

F-5E Tiger II
A Lightweight fighter built primarily for export, it's a very successful design, still operating in many nations around the world.
It's cheap to maintain, and is very agile for a third generation fighter, but the small size jeopardizes the weapons load.

A lightweight 3rd generation fighter which has the record of being the supersonic fighter with the largest number built. It's very affordable, fast and quite agile but leaves a lot to be desired regarding weapons and range.

F-4J Phantom II
A heavy 3rd generation fighter, a classic. The excellent weapons capacity, speed and range keeps it operating in many countries today, despite being more than 50 years old.

It's useful against both surface targets and aerial targets.
Because of the laser guidance, it's immune to countermeasures such as flares and chaff.
It's fired from a launchers. The disadvantage is the light warhead and the short range.

Multi-Missiles are cluster ammunition which are capable of engaging up to 4 targets simultaneously. If just 2 targets are in sight, each one will be hit by 2 of these small missiles. It's the most versatile weapon in your arsenal.

This GBU-61 bomb is a GPS-guided, advanced development of the PGM series.
Once dropped, it briefly opens a drag structure in its tail to allow it to glide far behind your aircraft, providing a safety margin when released at low altitude. This weapon has a large blast-radius.

The AGM, or Air to Ground Missile, is also a laser guided missile based in the APKWS. It has a much larger warhead than the standard missile, and so it has limited maneuver capacity, being unable to engage aerial targets. But the large surface targets such as navy vessels.

Unguided rockets have been used since the early 20th century., to attack land, sea and air targets. Even after the development of guided missiles, rockets remain useful for short-range attacks - typically for close air support missions, due to the high cadence of fire, quantity and low cost of the rocket ammo.