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Nebula Online Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Nebula Online Coalition Guide

Any player can create coalition after level 5 or join a coalition at any level.

There is no limit on membership.

Player can be member of only one coalition at a time

The head of a coalition can stop enlisting members temporarily and in that case coalition won't be visible in the "Coalition search"

The interface has a "Coalition" section in which the player can create, find and join the coalition and then use an available services.
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               Joining a coalition is performed:

                   -by invitation
                   -by finding a coalition to join by tapping 'Coalition search'.
                   -by creating a coalition on the station. After creating a coalition, the coalition leader can choose a name and logo for it.

Coalition players can receive general information about their coalition, and use an exclusive coalition shop, warehouse, shed, bank and coalition trials.

               Leaving a coalition

                   - by your own will,
                   - by the decision of a coalition leader.
                Coalition trials

Available for members from Level 20, once per day.

You can tap 'To Pass Coalition Trials' in 'Coalition' section, and queue for a trial instance.
During 5 minutes after tapping a message will be displayed in the coalition channel with the call to create a party for the coalition trial.
After 5 minutes, players are transported to a private instance where they are attacked by waves of NPC ships equal to players' level.
The time between waves decreases with each wave, while the number and difficulty of the enemy ships increases. The main aim is to stay alive as long as possible.

The trials continues until the last player dies.
Player can't respawn during trials.
Player can't leave trial party until he is dead.
In case of leaving player will receive the reward of money and experience only after all participants end their trial. He will not receive schemes.

Rules are the same both for the trial party and for usual party, except of bonuses, invitations and free join to the active party.
It means that players can exclude people from party, change the leader, etc

Membership is not limited, but:

1) Only Coalition members can participate in trial party

2) Basic difficulty and number of NPC depends on players number

3)In case party members have different levels, the difficulty of NPC wave would depend on of the player with the lowest level. The characteristic of other members temporarily become equal to his level

Loot doesn't drop from the NPC during the trial.
Container appears instead of NPC in the end of trial, and respawned players can take their reward (schemes in quantity from 1 to 10).
The chance of dropping out colored modules of each type increases in 5%.
Loot is personal for each player.

Rewards in the form of experience and money are calculated for all killed enemies+10% bonus experience and money.

Coalitions with the most successfully completed waves are shown in the coalition rankings in a separate table.
                Coalition Rank and Improvement

Coalitions have a number of parameters determining their success compared to other coalitions, and directly affecting the bonuses of their members.
The aggregate of these parameters is called '–°oalition rank'.

The parameters are:

       - gaming activity -% of frequent participants;
       - cohesion -average of members joining and leaving;
       - militancy -number of successful PVP clashes among total coalition membership;
       - dominance -the success/failure ratio of PVP clashes among total coalition membership;
       - wealth -amount of ingame money earned by the coalition membership;
       - proficiency - number of peak-level players and players who have levelled up while a member of the coalition;
       - expansion -the average of solar systems lost/conquered by coalition members;
       - resistance -success rate in passing coalition tests.

Coalition rank can rise and fall, and the parameters determining coalition rank are calculated once a day.
Rank numbers are infinite.
                Coalition bonuses

Bonuses are player's benefits from coalition membership .

Coalition bonuses are divided into two types:

         -Basic, which are available if there are 10 or more coalition members;
         -Rank bonuses.

Basic bonuses:

-Coalition shop.

Opens as a separate tab in the 'Store or 'Coalition' sections.

In the coalition store you can find 3-4 orange and green modules of Levels 15, 20 and 30 for each workshop.
Prices are set by developers and can't alter. Any coalition member that have enough money can buy a module.
Module characteristics are randomly generated.

-Coalition warehouse.

Opens as a separate tab in the 'Coalition' section.

The coalition warehouse has 2 compartments: 'equipment' and 'other'.

Each one has 20 slots for storing items.
For every other coalition rank additional slot will appear.

Each coalition member can put modules or weapons of any colour or from any workshop to the 'Equipment' branch.
In the 'Other' compartment, coalition members can store resources and plans.

Access to the coalition warehouse and limits on items stored in it are determined by the coalition leader.

-Coalition shed.

Opens as a separate tab in the 'Coalition' section.

Shed consists of modules and weapons.

It has 20 cells, for each second coalition rank, new cell opens in the coalition shed.

Only officers and coalition leader can put an item to the shed.
Officers that can take items are determined by the coalition leader.
Ordinary members unable to take any items from the shed.

-Coalition bank.

A cash account, funded by taxes on coalition members and voluntary donations.
Tax, which comes on withdrawals from the account each day by ordinary members and officers, is determined by the coalition leader.

Rank bonuses - Special advantages available for coalition members from Coalition Rank 5 onwards:

Rank 5: experience from events and NPCs killed increased by 5%;
Rank 10: speed of all coalition ships increased by 10%;
Rank 15: chance to obtain 1 additional resource when extracting;
Rank 20: time needed for system captures decreased by 15%.

Also, every other coalition rank, beginning from Rank 1, opens an additional slot in the coalition warehouse (one for each compartment) and 1 in the coalition shed.

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