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Storm of Knight Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Battle System
A battle should be epic, gorgeous, and diverse; otherwise it shall not be addressed as a battle!!!
1. Battle Type: Semi-automatic turn-based RPG battle

Tips: Not a non-strategy full automatic battle, and no need a complicated game control. You can choose the skill according to your own experience and your whole team will be controlled, it’s that simple. Thus, it not only sustains the strategic of battle, it also reduce the complication of game controlling.
2. Attack Sequence:
a. During battle with NPC monster, your side serves the priority to attack, when you’re done attacking, it’ll be the NPC monster’s turn to do so.  

b. During battle with other players, go according to which side attack first. If both side attack at the same time, then the system will judge randomly.
Tips: In most battles, player has the freedom to choose the skill to use, but there are still some of the battles that are controlled by the system to fight automatically.
3. Number of people: Player can choose to fight alone or choose Hero to follow the battle. Player can also choose friends or invite others to join together in some of the battles.

Tips: Player maximum can choose 3 different Heroes, and also using mystery skill to summon special Hero to help in the battle.
4. Choose of Skill: During battle, you can choose the skill on your own, as long as it fulfills the MP cost requirement. However, some of the battles will be locked to automatic battle.

5. Battle Classification: Instance, Arena, Hero Expedition, Grimoire War, Random Boss, World Boss, Beast Altar, Brave Tower, and so on. So, what are you waiting for? Come and experience it, we have everything that you wish for in a single game!

6. Friend Assist: Some of the battles let the players to choose a friend or recruit other player from World to fight together. You will never be alone in the battle!

7. Hero Assist: Player can get Grimoire from the Grimoire War, learn Guild Skill, assist Hero, and so on to power up the CP of the Heroes in Formation.

Equipment System
  Equipment in the game included:
♡ Edge、Ring、Necklace、Boots、Trousers、and Armor  ♡
Equipment consists of the Attributes as shown below:
✑ Equipment Level: Character Level need reaches the equipping requirement
✑ Gender: Equipment has gender restriction
✑ Equipment Quality: Divided into 5 Level with different colors, from low to high are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary
✑ Basic Attributes: Increases the character's Attributes value when equipped
✑ Enhance Attributes: Through【Enhance】function, increasing extra Attributes value
✑ Gem Attributes: Through【Gem】function, increase extra Attributes value
✑ Star-up Attributes: Through【Star-up】function, increase extra Attributes value

  Enhance System Introduction
Enhance System serves as one of the sub for Equipment System. Through Enhance, you can increase the Basic Attributes of equipments you own, and allow the characters to get a more powerful Attributes value after equip.
Enhance will cost Coins. If you failed the Enhance session, the Attribute value won’t change.

  Stage-up System Introduction
Through Stage-up, players can increase equipment level and equipment’s basic attributes too. Stage-up will cost Coins and Stage-up materials. There is 100% successful rate for Stage-up.

  Star-up System Introduction
Through Star-up, players can increase equipment’s Star Level, receiving Star-up Attributes, and change Epic to Legendary Equipment.Start-up will cost Coin and Start-up materials. There is 100% successful rate for Start-up.

  Gem System Introduction
All equipment is allowed to insert Gem, and the Gem will provide extra Attributes value for the equipment.
When the character reaches a specific level, Gem on the equipment will activate automatically. Gem will cost Gem Part to increase level, and will add on more Attributes value after level increase.

Mount System
 Is your movement speed too slow? Appearance not cool enough? Ride in the battlefield on our Mount.
Not only that it’s epically glamorous, it can also provide you huge attributes, and increase your CP too! Mount can increase your current movement speed, so you won’t need to worry that the journey is too long!
Mount will increase the Attributes of all the Heroes in Formation as shown below: HP、Physical Attack、Magic Attack、Critical and Critical Resistance.

Feed System
Mount can level up through Feed, to increase Mount's Attributes.  Feed will cost Mount Feed Elixir or Diamond, with 100% successful rate!
Stage-up System
Stage-up can increase the stage number, unlocking new Mount style, and improve the Mount Attributes in a big sum. Stage-up will cost Mount Stage-up Elixir or Diamond, with 100% success rate!
Manual System
Player can check out other Mount’s outlook and Attributes through the Manual System. Player can also change the appearance of the Mount which is already owned, and it will not affect the Mount Attributes.

Brave Tower System
 Brave Tower is an instance that clears floor by floor. The higher the floor is, the more reward you’ll get! When you enter the Brave Tower, you will face the monsters wave by wave. To show how strong you are, just take the challenge and compete with your friends!
Entry Requirements:

 1. The Brave Tower will be activated when character reaches Lv. 30.
2. There is entry limits for Brave Tower per day, and the entry chances will be reset the next day.
3. There are different levels to challenge in Brave Tower, as long as the character reaches the level requirement, will activate the new level of challenge.
Gameplay Introduction:
1. Enter the Floor 1 of Brave Tower when start, clear the entire monster to enter the next floor.
2. During the challenge, your main character and the partners will be unable to recover HP, change equipment or change Hero in Formation.
3. If you fail the challenge, you will exit the Brave Tower directly.
4. The final reward is according to the floor being challenged and the rounds cleared.
Gameplay Strategy:
1. Choose the challenge that match with main character’s level. For example, main character Lv47, then choose the Lv40~49 to challenge.
2. Match the partner according to Attack, Defense, and Assist, which will help you breakthrough the higher floors.
3. Will meet Boss Floor during challenge, and if you can kill the Boss within the prescribed rounds, it’ll allow you to jump to other floors.
4. The team condition is too bad? Lost member before the challenge? Try to use revive reasonably.

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