Friday, December 18, 2015

Legend of Swords Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Role Introduction-Icelady

Four Patron Saints-An Invisible Master Of The Battle!
[Role Info]Icelady
As a control master, Icelady has good defense and attack power;
Her Judge Pen can drive and freeze vapor in the air.
Though she cannot deal deadly damage in a single time;
She is a competent protector of her teammates and herself!
Under the control of sheer coldness, no one can escape from her grasp!
She is unique so she is popular.
When she attacks, she is invincible; when she defenses, she is indestructible!

Role Introduction-Fencer

Four Patron Saints-Be Brave On Your Way!
[Role Info]Fencer
He has a strong body and impregnable defense;
With a sword in hand, he can deal huge melee damage;
Another sword around him will kill any nearby enemy;
Overbearing skills offer a matchless defense wall!
In instances and group PK, he is a guardian of mages.

Role Introduction-Assassin

Four Patron Saints-Never Belittle A Woman!
[Role Info]Assassin
A shadow in darkness, agile and uncanny;
The rounded blade provides her with an outbreak of force;
You have no idea where she is before she beheads you!
In team instances and group PK,
she is an undoubtedly horrible killer!
No mage would not fear her.

Role Introduction-Firelord

Four Patron Saints-The Most Dazzling Dominator!
[Role Info]Firelord
Endless fire spells overthrow enemies in front of him;
With his wand, he can keep casting spells to destroy everything!
His defense and speed is not so good as melee damage dealers,
but his area attacks can burn down all targets!
Can you see? The most dazzling lord on battlefields!

Evil Tower

When players’ level up to 38, he or she can open the challengeable instance—the Evil Tower. The levels on Mars Hall can be challenged once only and after player passes it, he or she continues to challenge the next level. Successfully pass the levels can gain abundant rewards that player can get daily extra rewards according to the levels that he or she has passed the day before.

1.    Rewards are sent based on the highest progress of last day at 6:00 per day
2.    One Title is rewarded with every 5 Floors passed.
3.    At last you can own one great Title to replace the former ones.


The main way for players to gain hero EXP and fairy EXP.
Rules of VIT:
1、    Cost 30 VIT every time when player pass the levels successfully.
2、    Every 30 minutes recovers 5 VIT until the maximum 200 VIT.
3、    Player can use Vit Wine to add VIT (50 Vit each wine), which can gain by finished the daily tasks.
4、    Every time add 5 VIT when you are Blessed by your friends.(In this way player can get maximum 100 VIT)

Rules of Star Level:
3 stars: Pass within 75 seconds
2 stars: Pass within 90 seconds
1 star: Pass within 3 minutes.
The stars rewards: Players get extra rewards when achieve the 3, 6, 9, 12 stars in every level.

Open qualification:
1、    Meet the certain corresponding opening level
2、    Full stars pass the last level
3、    Players can loot after pass the level, every time consumes one instance loot rune.

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