Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Magic Craft Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Battle mode introduction
1) Manual fighting
The initial role of battle, when only a manual, click on the battlefield hero or hero picture below, you can select the hero, click on another position or crossed to a location, you can control the hero to move in that direction. If the target location is the enemy, then attack.

2) acceleration fighting
Role reached after 8, it can open two times fighting accelerated, VIP rating upgrade to V2, but also fight on for three times acceleration.

3) Automatic fighting
20 can be turned on automatic combat role, the system will be hosted, role automatically use skills to attack the enemy. In the busy time, you can use this amazing feature.

4) a copy of the raids
In addition to automatic battle, but it can also be a copy of the raids, fighting quickly rewarded.
Only when all difficulty levels are clearance before they can be raids, 30 times the initial number of free raids. After upgrading VIP level up to 60 times free raids often enjoy. Insufficient number of raids, you can spend a diamond purchase.

Battle Formation
Up to four heroes battle fighting squad, the initial default open 3 lineup, fourth place in the lineup when the role of 10 open.
Common occupational mix: 1 treatment tank +1 +1 +1 magic output physical output. Of course you can adjust according to the actual situation, such as when the Goblin concentrate, you can all output, which can cause extreme damage to total gold mine.

Hero is divided into four occupation, namely, tanks, treatment, physical DPS melee and long-range magic DPS. In the game, select the correct hero, the hero of the use of reasonable positioning, it will take a lot less detours.

Equipment strengthen
You can upgrade equipment to strengthen the level of equipment, the team determines the level of equipment to strengthen the level of equipment to strengthen only takes coins, players can choose to manually successive strengthening, can also be used to strengthen the system automatically and instantly strengthen the current maximum level.

It will spend a lot of equipment to strengthen the gold, but do not worry, we can in the smelting furnace of the equipment be born again, when all the gold it takes to get strengthened.

Kit system is "Magic Craft" equipment system is a major feature, after cobble together a set of packages that can stimulate additional suite property, the ability to enhance the hero is very impressive, but the method is more difficult to obtain.
Set according to the quality from low to high is divided into green, blue and purple suit three. Low-quality suit can be obtained by ordinary copy, the higher the epic can be synthesized by the debris, more difficult.

PK Arena system is mutual between the players, highlighting the strength of an important place, the team can enter the required level to 13 after the challenge five times a day for free, 0:00 reset.
Challenge other players,After the victory can get a reward flop,random reward props or equipment, every night 22:00 prizes will be ranked according to Arena, a lot of honor points reward, the more rewarding the higher ranked players get.
Arena is also an important way to get props and equipment, honor points can be exchanged for rare equipment, props, even epic hero.

"Magic Craft " World Boss
World boss needs players reach level 16 before miserable and activities reward a lot of honor and gold shield according injuries rankings.
World boss open twice a day, 12:30 to open Wasi Qi boss battle, 20:30 to open Kael'thas boss battle. In addition to injuries rankings incentives, the final blow to the boss of the players also get a lot of money to kill reward.

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