Sunday, December 20, 2015

Spartania Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Random but Recommended Tips in playing Spartania Game

Triple menace. Soldiers are fast and strong units, exceptionally efficient against the archers - when defending arrows does only 50.0% Damage

Every battle starts with a 35 seconds timer, and every building you destroy adds 2.5 seconds to the timer!

The Archers‘ super long range makes them perfect for damaging distant units and buildings.

The Catapult Shoots rocks causing damage to multiple enemies at once, even from far away.

Drag and place one building over another to swap positions!

The Mage's Blasting fireballs cause collateral damage allowing her to hit multiple enemies at once.

Remember to collect your resources often, 50% less of it can be stolen when you are attacked!

The Mage's Blast does x3.0 times the damage to buildings!

With it's enormous amount of HP, the Tank is an ideal shield for the weaker units

Convert one building type to another to change your strategy. Worry not the building's level will remain the same

Barbarians are after your resources so they are bound to attack from time to time. Your offense camp is safe from their filthy hands, no resources there

Check out the flags located by your buildings, they show all actions relevant to that building

Every battle you win grants you trophies depending on your opponent's power. The more trophies you have the higher you place in the world ranking!

Ambrosia battles might randomly appear in your offense camp, warriors are constantly forgetting them after their late night parties.

Instantly reinforce all your warriors simultaneously by clicking the train all button, you can also finish all ongoing training by using the finish all training button

Remember to collect your resources often or your miners will reach their capacity and stop creating!

Every battle starts with a 35 seconds timer, and every building you destroy adds 2.5 seconds to the timer!

Upgrade your Fortress for more buildings and resources in your defense camp.

Upgrade your Commander Tent for more buildings in your offense camp.

Archer towers have plenty of HP and damage along with a very long range.

The more you build and upgrade the faster you level up! leveling up will enable you to upgrade the fortress and Commander's tent

Level up your warriors‘ to enhance their weapons, stats and uniforms!

Plan your strategy by dragging your buildings to a position of your choice

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