Sunday, December 20, 2015

Deminions Unleashed Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Different Deminions have different stats, some deal more damage, have more health, or move faster!
Be patient with small weak Deminions, they might evolve into something great!
Always try to experience with different kind of Deminions and combinations!
Use the Silver Smasher to gain Deminions up to 3 stars!
Use the Gold Smasher to gain Deminions up to 5 stars!
Use Atom Smashers to earn rare Deminions!
Deminions with 3 stars or more might have Leader Skills, visit their profile to learn more!
Some leader Deminions have special bonuses against bosses!
You can have up to 5 active teams at once, choose the best one before each fight!
The number of stars Deminions have indicates the number of evolutions they have!
Your Deminions share HP, upgrade each to add more to the HP pool!
Remember your elements. Some have a damage or resistance bonus over each other!
Don't be afraid to try new Deminions, you might like them more than you think!
You can assign your Deminions in different orders, sometimes the first strike matters the most!

Level up to increase your stamina, inventory size, and revives!
Events are a great place to gain resources!
Your power rating indicates how strong your team is, get it as high as possible!
No room for new Deminions in your inventory? Level up to increase it's size!
You can always revisit previous battles to gain extra XP, Deminions, and Gold!
Collect daily bonuses to get better and better rewards!
Play harder events to get the best rewards! Complete missions to gain credits!

Pay attention to enemy attack counters They indicate when the enemy will attack!
Beams do low damage, but cause devastating damage if multiple Deminions are in range!
Use Piercing attacks to pass through number of enemies at once!
Use Area Of Effect attacks to deal with clustered groups of enemies!
Signaling enemies will attack on their next turn, act accordingly!
Enemies with long attack counter might be charging something big, deal with them before it's too late!
There are many types of Projectile attacks normal, piercing, homing, and bouncing!
When aiming you can pull a Deminions from anywhere on the screen, it's best to place your finger at the screen center.
Collect pickups. They can change the tide of the battle!
Pass through other Deminions to gain extra mana and speed!
Pay attention to enemy behavior, learn their patterns!
Deminions slowly gain mana every turn, collecting mana pickups and passing through other Deminions gains mana much faster!
Bounce off walls to hit lone enemies multiple times!
Hit enemies multiple times in one turn for maximum damage!
Enemies will become tougher as you progress, remember to upgrade and evolve your Deminions!
If stuck in battle, try a different approach!
Use Projectile attacks to deal with spread out enemies!
You can push other Deminions away from enemy range using your currently selected Deminion!
Hit And Run enemies can attack at any range, deal with them as soon as possible!
Use Beam attacks to damage rows and lines of enemies!

Evolving Deminions requires special evolution particles, that can be mostly found in events!
When your Deminion reaches maximum level, it might be able to evolve!
Upgrading Deminions make them strong, evolving makes them even stronger!
Use Deminions of the same element for a bigger XP boost when upgrading!
Need a specific evolution particle? find an event that rewards it!
Use Deminions of the same type to increase critical chance when upgrading!
Slimes are a great source for XP when upgrading!
Be patient with small weak Deminions, they might evolve into something great!