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Magic Legion - Mists of Orcs Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

About the battle system
The battle in “Magic legion” bases on the traditional turn-based mode and also adds in the real-time operation system.You can enjoy the wisdom of strategy and the straightforward action at the same time.

1.       Decision rules

In game, you do not need to beat all units from the enemy, you can win by beating the main character magician.Player who  first beat the main character magician from the other side is the final winner.

2.       Battle mode

Player’s main character and servants take different actions during the battle.

a.       Main character: Can do normal attack and magic attack

1)       Normal attack:Main character would do the normal attack automatically according to a certain time interval.

2)       Magic attack:Player can choose and use different magics during the battle and dicide how to use and when to use them with your own mind.Here are 2 details.

①   After a magic skill finished it would be a cold time and player can not use any magic attack during the cold time except the cold time is 0.

②   One magic skill can only use once in a battle and can not be used again.

b.       Servant: Can do normal attack and rage attack.

1)       Normal attack: Servant would do the normal attack automatically according to a certain time interval.Different servants have different time interval.

2)       Rage attack: In the battle, servant would have a yellow stripe below the HP tripe and that is the Rage.When the rage is full(yellow stripe is full) servant would automatically do the rage attack.

About the equipment system
Powerful equipment not only make your magic more powerful, but also make your servants even more powerful. In “magic school” have good equipment will make you to quickly improve your strength.

1.       Equipment Type

There are two types of equipment in game: Physical and Magic.

Magic equipment suitable for main character and Magic henchman.

Physical equipment suitable for Physical henchman.

2.       Equipment Parts

Equipment total have six parts: Main weapon, Secondary weapon,Helmet,Armor, Necklaces,Ring.The basic properties as follows.

Main weapon:Magic attack/Physical attack

Secondary weapon:Magic defense/Physical defense

Helmet:Magic defense

Armor:Physical defense


Ring: Magic attack/Physical attack

In addition to basic properties of some of the equipment, there will be additional attributes.The special of the additional attributes will need ours explore ingame.

3.       Equipment Quality

Equipment have white, green, blue, purple, gold 5 quality.The quality:hite<green<blue<purple<gold.The higher quality,the high basic properties.And the more strengthen equipment get upgrade.

4.       Equipment strengthen

Every strengthen the success will upgrade properties. The higher quality, the more strengthen equipment get upgrade.

The level of equipment strengthen is can’t higher than the level of main character.

5.       Gold Set

Golden quality equipment in part is golden suit,equip a corresponding number of the equipment will unlock powerful suite property.The special of the suite property will need ours explore ingame.

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