Friday, December 11, 2015

Nine Hearts Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

[GAMEVIL] Nine Hearts Beginner's Guide
Switch to "Auto Mode." In Auto, your movements, attacks, and skills are performed automatically.

In Semi mode, you will only move and attack automatically. You can choose the skills you need.

All characters share EXP as they strengthen. They all possess traits unique to their class. You can receive a Status boost by configuring allies to fit the character’s class.

-Tylus (Warrior): High HP and DEF provides stability in battle.
-Artemisia (Priest): Has high ATK and specializes in wide range attacks.
-Rurika (Archer): Her high ATK and Multistrike makes it ideal for individual targets.

A character’s Combat Power and Tenacity indicate the combined representative value of allies, items, and durational effects.
-Combat Power: Damage per second dealt by a character’s normal attack.
-Tenacity: Character’s resistance to damage.

Enter token237 and you will get 20 tokens
Enter ticket487 and you will get 20 tickets

- This event is not applicable to the App Store/Google Play.
- There are no exchanges and refunds for the event rewards.
- Please note there may be possible delays in sending out rewards

Top 2 Events for you to receive great rewards

Event #1: Mission Event
Reach the following levels + complete Quests for amazing rewards!‘

Event #2: Daily Login
7 Days of Great Rewards.

- Can only be claimed once per account.
- You must tap [Claiml] button to receive the reward.
- Reward will be sent to your Mailbox.
- Event page will reset daily at midnight.
- Restart the game if you do not see the reward in your Mailbox.

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