Friday, December 11, 2015

Gems & Dragons Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

- How do I play this awesome game?
Glad you ashed! In a colorful nutshell all you do is drag 3 or more adjacent gems of the same color to make a match. No swapping required! But that's only the beginning! Gems and Dragons features many obstacles and challenges for you to overcome.

- How do I beat a level?
Each level is different. Sometimes it's about getting a high score and sometimes it’s to save dragonlings. Don’t worry, before each level we tell you which puzzle you need to solve. But be warned, regardless of a level, a speciļ¬c score always must be reached, even if you've achieved the main level objective.

- Tell me more about beating levels...
Besides each level being a little different with various objectives and obstacles, they will also as you to complete a level within certain amount of moves. For example, you might have to get 50,000 points in 20 moves in one level. or dig through 10 rows or rock in 30 moves in another level.

- What is energy?
Think of it as literal fuel for your car. The more you drive, or play in our case, the more fuel or energy, you'll need. Each level costs 1 energy to play, but if you beat C! level, you'll get that energy back!

- What are stars?
Stars are these huge, massive balls ofnenergy in the universe that... Oh, in our game? Our stars are given based on the score you achieve. Maximum amount of stars per level is 3. And Stars are only given when you beat a level.

- How do I free imprisoned Dragonlings?
If ever in doubt, just make a match! And in this case, it's no different! Match the door to the little prison with the correct number of gems.

- How do I Feed Dragonlings?
Simply! Each Dragonling has a specific color that relates to the color of each gem. The number on the Dragonling is the number that‘s required to feed him or her (we can’t really tell the gender of these guys). And to feed the Dragonling, all you have to do is to drop the same colored gem on top of the Dragonling.

- How do I dig through rock?
Digging through rock couIdn’t be simpler! just make matches around rocks to chip away at them. Some rocks will breech only after I match, but others will require more.

- How are scores calculated?
By tiny little cell phone monsters working at the speed of light. But more specifically, each gem is worth 200 points, and the more you match in a single move, the more points you will get due to a score multiplier. We won’t bore you with math stuff, but needless to say, the more you match in a single go. the more points you will get. Matching a power-up will give you additional points. And completing objectives and overcoming challenges will get you even more points!

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