Friday, December 11, 2015

Dragon & Fusion Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Q: How to get; coins/water?
A: There're 2 main ways to get; coins/water
1) Build Gold mines/water collector be produce;
2) attack other players and destroy their Coffers/Water Bottles

Q: What's the usage of coins/water?
A: Coins can be used to build and upgrade while Water can be used on training soldiers and Fusion.

Q: How to transmit in battle?
A: Destroy all buildings in the storeroom (except Defend Slam) in battle and wait For soldiers to stand on transmit zone. Slide upward and tap destination in culturing room to transmit soldiers to the next Floor.

Q: Why l still lack of resource upper limit after upgrading the coffer?
A: Usually there're other coffers Water bottles not being built get.

Q: How to join/create a guild?
A: When your Base Camp reached lv 3 and the guild building was rebuild. you can just enter the guild panel via the building and select join! create a guild.

Q: Why the results of Fusion are different?
A: The Fusion is random and there're certain probability of variation depend on dragon kinds.

Q: How to get different kinds of dragons?
A: Dragon comes From dragon egg. There‘re 3 main ways to get
1) Pass speciļ¬ed levels
2) Attack other players and destroy their Hatcher with eggs inside.
3) Get From shop
After obtaining the dragon eggs. you need to open the corresponding dragon Floors and build caves to hatch them.

Q: Can I own more than 1 dragon simultaneously?
A: Every player can own as much as 3 dragons of the same kind simultaneously. Each cave can contain I dragon. Spend gems can open more caves.

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