Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Minute Frontier Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Minute Frontier Tips #1: Status

POW Physical Attack Power.
VIT Physical Defense Power.
SPD Enemy Attack Interval.
INT Magic ATK, Elemental ATK.
MEN Magic DEF, Critical Ratio.
LUK Weapon Parts Drop Ratio.

Minute Frontier Tips #2: Recommended Jobs

Ability 'Natural Recover'

Power Grows Big

Ability 'Weapon Drop Up'

Minute Frontier Tips #3: Recommended Game-Play

Multiple Character
If you want to play using Pure Fighter which has POW & VIT but you can't wait to replenish it's Health, then Playing Multiple Character would be a good solution.
If your HP is very low, you can switch and play other characters while waiting for it's HP to replenish.

Single Character
Pure Villager build will regain your HP at very fast rate, but stats growth are lower than the other jobs. The only advantage when playing a pure villager is you can focus solely on 1 character and it's HP regeneration is very fast.