Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Clash Z Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

The enemy cannot see your traps. Once the trap is triggered, it should be repaired to use again.
Captured wandering zombies can be transformed into bio weapons In the laboratory.
Once an equipment is equipped on a hero, it cannot undo.
Upgrade Level and Talent of Heroes to make them stronger.

Prestige Points can be gathered in victory of battle as Victory Point, it can be used in treasure hunt.
Do not miss the treasure hunt. You might be able to find rare items.
Join a league is beneficial. You may request reinforcements from allies.
You can use airdrop weapons to reverse the situation.

The enemy would raid you when you are offline. so please build a good defense.
Destroying the enemy HQ in raiding might get a safe.
Heroes chips are used to recruit a new hero or to enhance skills of the hero.
Hero wounded in battle will be temporarily unable to defend their home or participate in a raid.
There are several waves in a survival mission challenge. Get rewards by passing all waves.

Upgrade HQ to unlock more powerful troops and buildings.
The enemy will leave some traces for us. Read the combat log.
Fix ruined league bus so you could establish a league or join others‘ league.
Complete a story stage and gather more stars to get additional rewards.

Promoting rank to participate advanced Group Competition with better reward.
Hero upgraded to Level 5 will obtain a special skill.
You can be promoted to higher rank by gathering Victory Points.

Get a good ranking in Group Competition to take reward at the end of competition.
When your HQ is destroyed, you will lose safe inside it
when the HQ reaches Level 6. you can command two heroes in a raid.
Do not feel bad when the defense failed, get victory in revenge to gather revenge stars.

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