Sunday, December 20, 2015

Clash of Cuties Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Top 8 Events that will give you HUGE rewards in Clash of Cuties

【Event 1】Check-in Reward
[Duration] Forever
[Details] Keep check-in will get rewards everyday , gold cutie in 7 days , another gold cutie in 30 days , and cumulative 1000 gems,equipment and materials for circle sacrifice . Don't miss it!
[Rewards] Gold , Equipment , Holy Offerings , Gems , Gold Cuties(Open Menu→Benefits→Check-in Reward in the game).

【Event 2】 First Recharge Reward
[Duration] Forever
[Details] First recharge any amount you can get double gems and Super cutie - Stella , a great cutie in the front line.
[Rewards] Double Gems , Super Cutie「Stella」, Strength Potion*20 , Blue Guardian Soul*10 , Rare Helmet*1.

※PS: Bonus gems are not included in『Cumulative recharge event』and『VIP points』.

【Event 3】VIP Gift
[Duration] Forever
[Details]  Recharge to certain VIP level you can get not only VIP privileges, but also rewards, VIP 8 can get a exclusive gold cutie 「Aegean」. Aegean Rank-up Stone can increase Aegean stats and skill

【Event 4】Monthly Card , 1000% Gems within 30 days!
[Duration] Forever
[Details] Purchase Monthly Card in Recharge page, you can collect 100 gems everyday for 30 days (Include the day you purchase it), 3000 gems can be collected up to 1000%.

※PS: Purchase Monthly Card can add 300 VIP points, If your first recharge is monthly card, you will get extra 300 gems.

【Event 5】Free Summon Chances
[Duration] 7 days after your character is created
[Details] When a character is created, recharge more than 300 gems every day and you will get the rewards.

【Event 6】Small Investment , Big Harvest!
[Duration] 7 days after your character is created.
[Details] VIP3 players can join investment in 7 days after your character is created.Reach to certain
level you will get generous gems return, maximum return up to 500%!

※PS: You can still collect the rewards for certain level after the event is over.

【Event 7】Level Up!
[Duration] Forever.
[Details] The first player who reach to certain level will get first pass reward, through the level of each
chapter of the final will produce a player record.system automatic distribution.
[Rewards] Lots of gems.

【Event 8】Sky Tower
[Duration] Forever.
[Details] The first player who pass certain floor will get first pass reward.
[Rewards] A lot of gems,rare item.

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