Monday, December 7, 2015

L3K: Little 3 Kingdoms Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

You get closer to the usurper when you reduce your adversary camp to rubble.
When enemy bar is empty, you successfully raided the enemy’s camp.
Of course, they're trying to do the same to us. we will be routed if our bar is empty
You need to know about skills.They are the key to victory!

First, you need to have enough food to deploy the unit.
You can increase food supply speed.
More food means more units to the battle.
Increase the food supply speed to get more troops into battle

Buy & Upgrade
Shop is where you can purchase new units and upgrade your current ones
Buying them will allow you to deploy him in battle.
Upgrade make your units stronger in battle.

Hero. hero. hero. You always need more heroes.
Heroes are a great way to inspire your troops.
Everybody Gets some achievement: Get it by upgrading every unit, including heroes at least once.

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