Monday, December 7, 2015

Shadow Seekers Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Never miss these important tips that will help you improve your gameplay experience in Shadow Seekers

Your Seekers have Ultimate abilities (the indicator is located below the health bar)

Each ability has its own cooldown. Engage other Seekers while the Squire can't attack.

Monsters also have Ultimate abilities, charged on each attack.
When the enemy's meter is filled, a random monster's Ultimate will be charged.

Don't forget to visit the Temple and empower your Seekers!

You can Sell or Break unwanted items. Selling will yield Gems while breaking will yield Essences!

Every Seeker or monster has a unique set of abilities and perks

The main attribute increases output of a Seekers damage and healing abilities.

There are 5 types of abilities: Strike, Technique, Spell, Curse and Blessing.

Instantly level up a character up to your maximum Seeker level in the Training Hall.

Beware that you can't go into battle if your inventory is full!

High-quality gear is crucial to a Seeker's survival on the battleļ¬eld.

Potions can heal physical trauma, help alleviate fears, and can warm a Seeker on a cold night.

Access the Monster Info button in battle — it pays to know what you are up against.

Sometimes you may encounter champion monsters that have additional perks.

Blessings are abilities that heal or enhance their target.

Your characters can be raised to your maximum Seeker level, but no further. Nothing beats battle experience.

Gain additional knowledge about a Seeker's backstory and abilities.