Monday, December 7, 2015

7 Kingdoms: Rise of Summoners Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Seven Kingdoms: Rise of Summoners Guide

Dissolving Gems triggers their Attacks.
You can launch Attacks by grouping and dissolving 3 or more Gems of the same Type.
The Creature that you are facing is your enemy. You must destroy them in order to complete the Mission.
You will lose the Battle if HP drops to 0.

Once you start moving a Gem the HP Bar will change into a Timer bar which shows the time left for moving the Gem.
Summoners can move 1 Gem within a time limit.
Gems of different Types contain powers of different Types.

Blue (Water), Red (Fire), Green (Earth) Yellow (light), Purple (Darkness)
By aligning 3 or more Gems of the same Type vertically or horizontally, you can deliver the power of the Gems to your Units.

During a battle, the enemy will also attack your Team.
The CD number shown below the enemy represents the number of Rounds left before they attack.
When a Gem is moved it counts as 1 Round.
When the CD decreases to 0, the enemy will Attack you. Move any gem to see what happens.

Dissolving Heart Runestones will activate HP Recovering.
You can make Chains by dissolving 2 or more Groups of Gems which boost the power of your Unit's Attack

Try to Form a Route that can make the biggest chain. The more Gems you break the more powerful Attacks are on enemies. I will give you one last demonstration and then it will be your turn.

Unit Cards Number and Gold you earned will appear on the Top Left corner.
For every Successful Mission you earn Gold, Experience and sometimes even the Unit's that you defeat.

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