Wednesday, December 9, 2015

GameTime Football 2 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

4 Basic Tips for Game Time Football 2

Tip #1: Passing Basics
Passing is Simple. Tap the field where you want to throw the ball.
The ball goes where you tap.
The Ball Arrives Chest-High where you tap.
To throw a Bullet Pass... Double-Tap Quickly.

Tip #2: Receiver Routes and Timing
Pay attention to the route line.
The "Out" Route can be tricky. Just Throw to where he's going to be.
Put the ball in front of your receivers. Let them catch up to it.
To make a Diving Catch, Swipe the screen while the ball is in the air.
Give him some air to catch up to the ball... then swipe.

Tip #3: Hot Routes
Hot Routes change a receivers route after the snap.
Swipe the receiver in the direction you want him to run.
You can swipe in 8 directions.

Tip #4: Run Controls
Touch the QB at anytime to scramble.
Touch anywhere to use the joystick.
Press and Hold anywhere to start Turbo.
Swipe to jump, spin and truck!

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