Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tap Company Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Tap Company Guide
Miami Day Trading Startup's gonna save the world.

"Active vs Passive" Money/Sec
There's no doubt that being Active in the game is the only way to earn money/sec at very fast rate.

Tap vs Hold
"Tap" will fill other rooms "Productivity Bar".
"Hold" will give you more Money/Sec than the "Tap" but it needs a full Productivity bar and the Productivity bar will be depleted when being used.

There are 4 types of rooms in the Main building: Traders, Boss Room, Analytics and Conf Room.
When you tap either of Traders Room or Boss Room, The Analytics and Conf Room Productivity Bar will increase.
Also when you tap either of Analytics and Conf Room, Traders Room and Boss Room Productivity Bar will increase.

Traders Room are the most expensive to upgrade but it gives more higher rewards and most important the "Tap/Hold' Value.

The Traders Room has the highest "Tap/Hold" Value, you should focus on tapping both Analytics and Conf Room since it will fill the Traders Room and Boss Room Productivity Bar.
Remember "Hold" will get you more Money/Sec.

It is recommended to priority Traders Room when it comes to upgrading rooms.
I suggest that you should upgrade Traders Room with a gap of 5-10 levels from the Analytics and Conf Room.
Because the rewards after you finish the project of the Traders Room are huge enough to upgrade many levels for both rooms.
For the Boss Room, Traders Room should have a gap of 2-5 levels from the Boss Room because when you tap the lower rooms, higher rooms will fill its productivity bar thus holding both  higher rooms will give more Money/Sec.

Boosters should be only used when you experience difficulty in finishing projects.
Boosters can be obtain through Slots, and you need Chips to use Slots.
If you want to obtain boosters for only finishing projects, 1 or 5 Chips Slot Machine is good enough.