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Country Friends Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Country Friends by Gameloft Guide

The Farmhouse is the main building on your Farm.
From here, you can upgrade it, check your achievement progress, and claim your achievement rewards.

Farming Veggies
The Farm Plot is where you grow all your veggies. Use one veggie as a seed... and it'll grow into TWO seeds when you harvest it!
You can buy more plots For your Farm when you level up.

Tap on any empty Farm Plot to bring up a list of‘ veggies, then simply drag the veggie you want to grow into the Farm Plot.

Tap on any grown veggie to bring up a harvesting tool, then drag and swipe it over your veggies to harvest them.
Not only do you get double the amount of‘ veggies you used as seeds, you also receive XP which helps you level up.

Animal Farming.
Before an animal can be bought, you First need to bug a home For it from the Shop.
Specific types of‘ animals can only be placed in their designated homes.

Animals can't produce products if they're hungry.
Tap on an animal's home, drag its Feed from the menu and swipe it over the hungry animal to feed it.
You can make more Feed with the Feed Mill if‘ you run out.

Once your animals are well-Fed, you can collect produce From them.
Tap on an animal's home to collect their produce by dragging and swiping the tool over the animals.
This also helps you earn XP, so get Farming!

Production Buildings 
Production Buildings are special Farm buildings where raw materials, acquired by Farming crops and collecting from animals, are used to create various processed products.
Items manufactured in Production Buildings can be sold to other players using the Stall or can be used to Fulfill orders on the Order Board.

Skipping wait Time
Crops, animals and buildings take time to produce their products.
You can spend Gems to skip this wait time and use them right away!

Storage Buildings
All harvested crops, including crops harvested on the Community Farm, are stored on the Silo Storage Building.
Animal products, crafted products and construction items are stored in the Barn Storage Building.

Upgrade Storage Buildings
Both the Barn and Silo Storage Buildings have limited space available and need to be upgraded to increase their maximum storage space.
The required construction items will be dropped randomly when you harvest veggies and Fruits, water Fruits For Community members, pop balloons and feed pets.

Order Board
You can sell off‘ any Farm produce by Filling orders on the Order Board.
For every order that you successfully complete, you will earn Coins and XP!

You can travel between your Farm, the Community Farm and the World Map with the Travel icon.
You can also travel to the Community Farm by tapping on your awesome orange car, which is parked right outside your Farmhouse.

Keep an eye out For balloons. Tap them to pop them, and you might just get cool rewards!

Obstacle Removal
After you have expanded into a new piece of land, you can earn rewards by removing the obstacles in it.
All you need to do is tap on an obstacle, drag and drop the tool on it and you will see a bonus meter.
Tap anywhere on the screen to stop the moving arrow. Time it right and you'll earn a double reward!

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