Friday, December 11, 2015

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

What is The Maze Runner game?
The Maze Runner is a 3rd person action runner for iOS and Android devices.
You control a Glader trapped within the Maze. You must slide, jump, dodge and sprint your way through its ever changing corridors.
Collect Coins and Gems in order to unlock better skills and increase your chances of survival.

How do I play?
Your Glader will run automatically. You need to keep them alive by running the Maze, avoiding obstacles, traps and debris.
Swipe left or right to change lanes.
Swipe down to slide under low obstacles or through crates.
Swipe up to jump over pits, lava and other hazards.
Swipe left or right to turn corners.
Swipe towards wall ledge to wall-run it.
Tilt to steer in water pipes to collect coins and avoid grates!
Collect all four clues in each level to unlock later sections.
The clue counter on the top left corner will inform you of how many clues you've collected in the level
When you enter or return to a Sector, you will be shown how many clues you have already collected for each level in that Section.
After completing a run you will be shown how many clues you found and awarded a coin bonus depending on how fast you completed the run.

Escape the Grievers
In some levels you may encounter a Griever. These man-made monstrosities will kill you if you're too slow!
Fast reflexes and nerves of steel will be needed to escape their poisonous stingers!
When a Griever is about to strike, the area it will hit will be highlighted red. Swipe to change lanes to avoid the incoming stinger.
Be aware of your health total, as indicated by the green squares at the bottom of the screen.
Each hit of the stinger will extinguish one square.
When all squares are gone your Glader will become the latest victim of The Maze.

Who are the Gladers?
Trapped within the walls of the Maze in the only safe zone at its very center, the Gladers don't know why they're there.
All they know is that there is only one potential way to escape.
They must run the Maze.
Choose one as your champion, utilize their skills and try to escape the Maze!
Glader 1 is unlocked by default. Other Gladers can be unlocked by either earning coins or with an In App Purchase.

What are Boosts?
Boosts are skills that can be improved by spending Coins and Gems you've picked up within the Maze.
Each Boost has 7 levels and with each level you will increase your chances of survival and success.
Before each run you will be able to spend coins and/or gems to upgrade your Boosts.
Simply tap on the button for the Boost you want to upgrade. The cost for a single upgrade is shown on the button.
You can upgrade each boost to the maximum level as long as you can afford the cost of the upgrade.
As you improve your Boosts, they will become more expensive.
You can pick up Boost drops within the Maze that will activate the Coin Magnet and Time Boosts.
The Sprint and Stamina boosts allow you to sprint faster and for longer.
Upgrading your skills is key to surviving the Maze.

Coin Magnet, Time Boost, Gems and Coins.
Coins and Gems are found throughout every level of the Maze.
Collect Coins to buy upgrades for your Boosts.
Collect Gems to revive your Glader and unlock higher level Boosts!
Coins and Gems are collected by running through them.
Time Boosts and Coin Magnet activators can also be found scattered within each level.
Run, jump or slide through them to activate the boost.

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