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Gods of Rome Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Gods of Rome By Gameloft Guide

To control your fighters. you have to use gestures.
’ Tap on the RIGHT side of the screen to perform LIGHT attacks.
' Swipe from LEFT to RIGHT to perform MEDIUM attacks (DASH).
' Tap and hold for a second then release to perform a HEAVY attack
' TAP & HOLD on the LEFT side of the screen to BLOCK.

Every single hit has the chance to be a CRITICAL HIT. which deals more damage
than normal hits. Some fighters even have skills that are triggered when a CRITICAL HIT occurs.

Gods of Rome has three different currencies:
‘ GOLD: Obtained in many ways. Like playing the STORY mode, or during events.
This is the currency used for LEVELING UP and RANKING UP fighters.
GEMS: A highly valuable and rare reward earned in small amounts by completing
STORY mode STAGES the FIRST time and at 100%. They can also be purchased in the Shop. and can be exchanged for ITEMS or SPHERES.
' DIVINE KEYS: Obtained by playing PvP game modes. Large amounts are
received in vs. 1 fights and this is the currency used For the HONOR LOTTERY and to enter certain PvP events.

ENERGY is used to move along the maps in the STORY mode.
If you are out of Energy, you'll have to wait until it's recovered to continue moving along the STAGE MAPS.
You can also buy an Energy refill in the SHOP.
Every time you increase in player level your Energy is Fully refilled.

The Spheres contain many different types of rewards: GOLD, small amounts of GEMS. ITEMS and FIGHTERS -- depending on each type and can be acquired in
exchange for GEMS or DIVINE KEYS.
' EPIC SPHERE Best reward - Chance to get a 4-Star Fighter!
' VERSUS SPHERE: Best reward - Exclusive Fighter!
' HONOR SPHERE: Best reward - Exclusive 4-Star Fighter!
' DAILY SPHERE: Best reward - Chance to get a 3-Star Fighter!
' FREE SPHERE: Best reward — GOLD or ITEMS!
' QUEST SPHERE Best reward - LEVELING UP Materials!
' 2-STAR SPHERE: Best reward - Chance to get a 2-Star Fighter!
' 3-STAR SPHERE: Best reward - Chance to get a 3-Star Fighter!

Fighters are your weapons against TENEBROUS
They have different rarities depending on the number of Stars they have -- more Stars - better Fighters!
POWER represents how powerful the Fighter is. taking into account their HEALTH ATTACK and their SKILLS.
Their HEALTH represents their strength. while their ATTACK represents the power of their hits.

The Fighters in Gods of Rome are divided into different classes. and each class has advantages and disadvantages over the others.
’ GOD: Has an advantage against ANCIENTS and a disadvantage against HEROES.
' ANCIENT: Has an advantage against DEMIGODS and a disadvantage against GODS.
' DEMIGOD: Has an advantage against MONSTERS and a disadvantage against ANCIENTS.
' MONSTER: Has an advantage against HEROES and a disadvantage against DEMIGODS.
‘ HERO: Has an advantage against GODS and a disadvantage against MONSTERS.

With every hit landed. received or blocked by a Fighter. their RAGE will be increased.
The increment will be higher when receiving a hit than when landing it When at least one of the RAGE bars is completely filled. the ULTRA ATTACK icon becomes available and you can launch an ULTRA ATTACK
' 1 RAGE BAR filled — ULTRA ATTACK 1.
' 2 RAGE BARS filled - ULTRA ATTACK 2.
' 3 RAGE BARS filled — ULTRA ATTACK 3.
If the Fighter doesn't have a particular ULTRA ATTACK unlocked. its related RAGE BAR will not be displayed on the screen.

Ultra Attacks are spectacular offensive attacks innate to each Fighter.
Their number varies depending on the Fighter's rarity. starting from a minimum of 1 Ultra Attack up to 3.
On lower rarities. new Ultra Attacks are unlocked when ranking up!
The ULTRA ATTACKS become available when the Fighter accumulates enough RAGE to use them.

2-, 3- and 4-Star Fighters will unlock their powerful SECRET SKILL when you get a duplicate of that Fighter (same Fighter. same rarity).
Secret Skills can be leveled up by getting more duplicate Fighters, increasing their values each level
' 2-Star Duplicate: improves the SECRET SKILL by 1 level
' 3-Star Duplicate: improves the SECRET SKILL by 8 levels.
' 4-Star Duplicate: Improves the SECRET SKILL by 20 levels.
The SECRET SKILLS can be improved up to a maximum of 99 levels.

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