Thursday, December 10, 2015

Creature Racer Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Always Watch Ads
Watch ads when you need meat energy or to get special rewards.
Both free energy and reward will give you extra coins, so watch ads if it is available.

Use boost at the right time.
To efficiently use your boost during race, just boost when the next hurdle is at far because jumping will interrupt your boost.

Play Run for Gold.
If you can't beat the boss fight, play tournament.
If you can't beat the tournament, play run for gold.
Run for Gold will give you extra coins for you to improve your racer, so you can win at tournament mode or Boss Fight mode.

Balance Upgrade.
You don't need to overthink on what upgrade you should buy.
Just buy the cheapest racer parts until all racer parts upgrade at maximum.
Once you reach the maximum upgrade for all your racer parts, save your coins and buy the next "tier" most expensive racer.

Just land perfect jumps.
You don't need to get 100% perfect jumps. 86-93% perfect jump is enough.
Because it is very hard to aim for the 97+% perfect and it has a chance that you may land badly.
If you can't beat the enemy when landing 86-93% perfect jumps. It is the sign that you need to upgrade.
Trying to beat the racer again cost meat energy and you may only earn coins at very low rate.
Instead of attempting to beat the racer, you should play Run for Gold mode to earn coins, so you can upgrade your racer.