Tuesday, December 15, 2015

3 Kingdoms Warlord Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Gem Shop
Gems may be obtained from the Gem Shop by enlisting the help of Gem Summoners to hunt for the gems. Gems may be embedded in weapons and armour, making the equipment more formidable. The Gem Shop will only be made available to Warlords who have reached level 25 and above.

There are 3 types of Gems that may be embedded in a piece of Equipment:

Red (Attack), Green (Health) and Yellow (Attack and Health).

Luck plays an important role when hunting for Gems. Besides the Red, Green and Yellow Gems, Warlords may also receive Grey Gems. These Grey Gems cannot be embedded, but may be sold for coins.

Gems are divided into different levels and grades. Lower level and lower grade Gems may be fused into higher grade Gems to increase the power and effects of higher grade Gems.

Generals, when lined-up in a certain formation, can produce combination bonuses. These bonuses increase overall power as well as certain attributes. We have compiled a full list of possibilities that will produce additional effects for your Generals when they are sent out to battle!

Warlords! What happens when your General equipment has already been upgraded to the max? Try pushing their boundaries to new heights by embedding GEMS onto them. With the help of these GEMS you might just win a battle you would have otherwise lost! Win the war, and defeat other Warlords in the PvP Arenas!

To get ahead in 3KW, remember to fulfil your daily quota of Arena challenges! These Arenas provide you with tons of goodies to help empower your Generals! There are 2 unique Arenas, each with its own rewards! Below is a guide on how to join in! Don't let your Generals get left behind!

Finding it hard to obtain your soul points? Feeling remorseful sending your Generals away in exchange for soul points? Here's the good news! You can simply obtain large amounts of soul points by participating in the Daily World Boss Dungeon from 8pm - 9pm (GMT+8)!

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