Sunday, December 20, 2015

WWE Champions Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Matching Gems
Finding the biggest and best matches between like-colored gems is the core mechanic of the game and the key to beating your opponents.

Matches only count vertically and horizontally, and at least 3 like-colored gems have to be in a line for the match to count.

An additional and important aspect of gems is the damage value that each gem brings to the fight. Tapping on a gem will reveal how much damage it will do if used in a match.

This damage value is determined by your Superstar. Each Superstar will get different damage amounts for each color, so make sure to check and see which colors will provide the most damage!.
How to win
Matching gems and dealing damage to your opponent always contributes to winning the fight in two specific ways:

The Pin Meter
Located just above the gems, the pin meter moves back and forth based on the number of gems matched. If the meter reaches all the way to one side, then the Superstar will be pinned!

Health Bar
Located just above the fighters, the health bar depletes from taking damage. If health is completely depleted, then a pin will result in an automatic 3 count!

If the health bar is not depleted and a Superstar gets pinned, they will have three turns to break out. The player who is pinned has to exceed the damage done on the turn that initiated the pin in order to successfully break out..
How to use a special move
Every Superstar has special moves that you can use to lay the hurt on your opponent. These moves are always associated with a specific gem color, and charge up as you make matches with the corresponding color.

Each move available to you during a fight will be represented by a colored gauge that fills up in the corner of the view of the fight. Pressing on a gauge will show details about what the move does.

Once the gauge fills, you can unleash the signature move! Moves come with a wide variety of effects, such as simply dealing damage or delivering a potent finishing move that automatically pins your opponent!

Some signature moves also trigger a pin. Keep an eye on these moves, because they are key to winning.

Tag Team Matches
Tag team matches are similar to regular fights but the first difference you’ll notice is that you have to choose two Superstars before you get in the ring. The Superstar you put in the upper slot will be the first one into the fight.

Once the fight is underway, you’ll see your tag-team partner’s health bar located just below your standard health bar. Next to their picture is a number which indicates how many turns you have to take before you can tag them in.

As soon as the tag is ready, you can choose to tag your partner in on any of your subsequent turns. Remember though, that you’ll have to wait for the tag to be ready once again before you can tag your original Superstar back into the ring.

Don’t forget that you can also use a tag to get out of a pin!.

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